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Barack Obama, 2nd Inauguration, 2013- We were made for this moment!

Posted Jan 24 2013 2:21pm
President Obama savoring the moment

President Obama savoring the moment

For the first time, I heard my President express the values, explain the journey and share a courageous vision that I feel in the depths of my soul.  By the time Beyonce sang the national anthem, I was sobbing so deeply that my body shook.

There were many times during his speech, that I said his words before he did. And throughout his speech, I was a drummer, beating out the word, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

He spoke about being treated as equals, having equal opportunity, receiving equal pay for equal work, and the sanctity of all love.  He spoke about how the imperfect outcome must not stop us from acting, persevering and creating something better.  And he reminded us that only we, together, can accomplish it.

Not only do I agree with his message, I saw the parallels between what he stands for and what we at Beyond Body Mind Spirit offer.

At Beyond Body Mind Spirit, you begin wherever you are. You expand your experience of self love, kindness, and compassion. You remember who you are, to be your word, and to enjoy living with courage and integrity. You become more comfortable with the journey that is often not a straight line but an adventurous zig-zag. And we support each other- day after day, week after week- knowing we’re interconnected and witnessing the miracles we create together.

So, if you believe it is important to preserve our individual freedoms, let’s join together and ACT.  And if you believe it is important to attain your individual dreams, let’s join together and ACT.

As President Obama said, “We are made for this moment and we will seize it.”

Contact me to create miracles together:

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