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Balancing Thought and Feeling

Posted Nov 18 2010 11:49am
Emotional Awareness & Success - Balancing Thought & Feeling

"You have to force yourself to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of  your job in order to get down to reality again. If you don't spend enough time doing that, you can lose hold of the reins and get into all kinds of trouble."

This is from an interview with Richard Abdoo CEO of a $2-billion-a-year utility company Wisconsin Energy. He dedicates 8-hours a week for solitary reflection - tapping into the subtleties of emotions and how they affect his thoughts, and decision making - the essence of Emotional Awareness.

What happens if you're not Emotionally Aware?
  • We can drift away from our values - not high in the sky make believe dreams... but the intimate guidelines that we may never articulate in words, but we feel them. They translate into what has emotional power or impact for us, whether negative or positive.
  • Don't know if what we are doing is worthwhile - our feelings weigh the options and give us the straight goods between action and value - if you're disconnected you miss the uneasiness, guilt or even shame that builds with it. This can keep flowing, acting as an emotional drag stirring feelings that can hinder/sabotage your work and personal life

  "If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there"

What you don't want to get yourself into is a state of 'emotional static'. I've been in these situations before where I've felt intimidated to speak up for my deep values at work, feeling almost as if it was impermissible. Now knowing that it was a two way decision - poor management from the business, and a lack of my own Emotional Awareness.

If you follow your inner sense of what is worthwhile, you'll minimize 'emotional static' - this is where we take the step forward understanding our values, taking charge to lead energized motivated lives.

We now know the reality - superior performers in work and life think about what they will do that will be exciting and invigorating to be a part of, which person would be stimulating to be with, and which personal idea would be great to work on. This helps in not only making what you do 'feel right' but also maximizes your energy, vitality and attention to whatever it is that you are doing... because what you're doing gives you a sense of accomplishment and like you're making a contribution for your colleagues, friends, and family.

Up for the challenge? Take 1 hour this week to take a solitary walk through the forest, a silent drive through the countryside, or just sit in reflection about what's happening in your everyday - make light of how you feel about the decisions that are being made around you, to better make them for yourself.

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