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Bad Stress to Good Stress & Peak Performance - EQ

Posted Nov 16 2010 6:56pm
Have you ever wanted to attain Peak Performance in a relaxed state? Here are the first steps to doing just that!

Our brains pump two groups of chemicals when in stressful situations. These two groups of different chemicals causes our body and brain to react differently in stressful situations, creating two types of stress - Good and Bad. Through Emotional Intelligence training you learn how to make the switch from the Bad... to the Good.

This is important to know for us to reach our 'Peak Performance' in whatever situation we are in. This peak performance is reached at our 'balance point' when our sympathetic nervous system (we cannot control it by our mind) is pumping at just the right level creating a positive mood, and an ability to think and react optimally.

What is Bad Stress?

It is created when our brain goes into 'emergency mode' and starts pumping out cortisol , in addition to the chemicals it normally releases. What I found pretty incredible is that it doesn't take a 'threat on the job' or a negative comment from the boss to activate cortisol; boredom, impatience, frustration, even tiredness will do it!

Here's what higher and more prolonged level of the chemical in your bloodstream will do to you (the negative impacts of cortisol)

Yes, let's move away from cortisol in high levels for prolonged periods in our body, it not only impedes your "Peak Performance" state in life and work, but also causes your body to start withering away.

The Essential Switch - Bad Stress to Good Stress!

This is were we switch the mind-state by developing Emotional Intelligence - the brain chemicals that generate enthusiasm for a challenge are different from those that respond to stress and threat - the big kicker, they don't activate cortisol.

We can achieve this state when our energy is high, our effort maximal, and our mood positive. To get here we need to secrete chemicals called catecholomines - they arouse us to action in a more productive way than the frantic urgency of cortisol.

How do you develop this ability to reach the 'balance point' to achieve peak performance? By doing exactly that, balancing your current workstyle with relaxation, and techniques of reflection, and body/emotion awareness - this allows us to develop impulse and self-control.

Impulse and self-control don't magically appear in your natural armory of personal tools - they arise out of experience, an experience that is develop from the techniques listed above.

Pause, Breath, Relax, Reflect and then Act - now you control your mind, before it secreted cortisol.

To do this you must practice the tools that bring you the ability to Pause, how to Breath, Relax and Reflect... the Action will happen beautifully on it's own.

The Winter is coming - let's get to our Peak Performance!
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