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Bad Habits Make Me Stupid….

Posted Apr 11 2012 6:18pm

Changing habits Mumbo Gumbo has a great song called Love Makes Me Stupid that I play in my head when I have just done something dumb because of inattention and a bad habit. Of course love does not make us stupid – our habit of how we behave, respond and react to our feelings is what makes us stupid!

Remember, bad habits are the process of repeating something until it becomes unconscious and automatic. The salient point here is that when we teach our brain a habit there is no judgement whether it is a good, constructive, useful habit or a bad habit. Our brain must determine whether it is good or bad based on the result of the habitual behaviour which could be a movement, an emotion, thinking – or all three. Most of us go through our lives quite unconsciously and are always surprised when something (like a relationship) ends the same or similar way as it did the time before, and the time before that and so on. How can we identify and change bad habits that we don’t want anymore?

Everything we feel emotionally  is through our body, our intelligence is sourced through our body and of course physical movement comes from the body. The common thread is movement so change must occur through movement of the body. Neuroscience is just beginning to recognize how important physical movement learning is to emotional and intellectual development.

Before you run out to exercise STOP! Intellectual/emotional development ONLY occurs from conscious, aware, complex and adaptable movement. Whoa, what does that mean? It means watch any child learning to crawl, sit up, roll over, walk and notice how their awareness is present to how they move all the time. Notice how quickly their learning goes from standing on shaky legs and falling many times to finally standing steadily, with balance and walking in space – and they often learn this in the space of a few minutes or hours! Then notice how quickly they go from walking to somersaults and hundreds of other variations. As a by product of increased complexity in walking their speech ability accelerates and they learn new words much faster.

Going out and mindlessly repeating exercises is not contributing to intellect or emotional intelligence and is definitely not helping you learn greater complexity and sophistication in your physical movements. You will never see a child at a gym on a stair stepper, unless they are crawling over and around it and hopping around amusing their brain with all manner of variations playing with the stair stepper.

If exercise is not the answer what is? Learning to move optimally as your body is designed by nature and evolution. How can you do that? Start by purchasing our foundation DVD Balance for Movement and practicing the principles in it until you feel habits melting away and new functionality entering into your life. You will never exercise the same again!

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