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Attitude is Everything

Posted by Stephanie B.

How well you respond to life's problems depends on your attitude and your interpretation. I had a disappointment recently, and a friend, who tends to be negative, thought it was so horrible that I should be wallowing in a mid-life crisis of sorts. Except, I was OK with it. I felt the disappointment but then let it go. I have noticed that those friends of mine who are the least happy are the ones who put a negative filter on every event. They then let these "negative" events define them.

But if you try hard enough, you can find some sort of positive meaning or lesson in everything that happens to you. Life does not have to be as bad as you are making it out to be.

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I find that the older I get, the easier it becomes to take things in stride. Up until pretty recently, I tended to deal with perceived problems (i.e., they weren't perceptible to others) as major "end of world" crises. It simply took up too much of my time and energy and left little space for anything else, like new friends, new projects, and the opportunity to realize how much I had going on for me. Now, I think of setbacks as gentle (and sometimes, truly ass-kicking) nudges along my path, reminders that even the so-called negatives can create meaning and purpose, and be rich experiences in and of themselves. Besides, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?
Everything is in the mind, is what I like to believe. There's nothing like good or bad, positive or negative in itself, it is how we look at it and make it out to be. There's always a positive to be taken from any situation in life, provided one looks at it that way.Isn't that why there are so many people happy even in the most adverse circumstances and other who complain when there's no obvious reason to?
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