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Are your energy levels being eaten by the sounds around you?

Posted Sep 30 2008 12:29am

By Carole Fogarty

Rejuvenate You: Reduce The Toxic Sounds:

Comfort on the Go is all about taking a moment to stop, pause, breathe and refuel by topping up your very precious energy levels.

Simply switch your internal dial from sending mode to receiving mode.

You can invite comfort on the goexpress order anywhere, anytime with the simplest of life’s pleasures. Remember you need to be in receive mode though in order to refuel with more energy.


Receiving Comfort on the Go from sound:

You can receive energy top ups via any of your five senses. When your senses are pleased nourishment fills your body. Sound is no exception.

The trick is to adjust your hearing dial and tune into your preferred nourishing sounds.

Sound is always, always happening in, around and through you no matter where you are.

Have you ever tuned into the sound of your own body, your breathe, the rise and fall of your lungs, the sounds of your feet walking on the ground, the sound of your body and hand movements whilst cooking a meal or reading a book.

Toxic urban sounds:

The constant sound of busy, noisy urban living can easily zap your energy reserves. It is often toxic to your mind and stressful to your nervous system. Then there is the invasion of all things electrical into our homes which generally comes with a not so pleasant sound attached. Perhaps you have become so desensitized to your modern urban sounds that you are oblivious to its constant stressful and depleting influence on your energy levels.

Tune into your hearing energy system and make sure you add regular moments of pleasing healing sounds throughout your day whilst at the same time reducing your exposure as much as possible to the toxic sounds of modern living that irritate, stress and contribute no well being to your life at all.

  1. Firstly close your eyes and become aware of the many different sounds occurring around you all at once. There may be four, five, six or more. Simply let your eyes and mind take a back seat for a while as you allow your hearing energy system to take priority.

  1. Secondly,notice the sounds which irritate you throughout your day. Then take steps to start reducing or eliminating sounds from your personal living space that literally eat away at your energy levels. Perhaps it’s a door that squeaks or a window that keeps banging shut. Solutions may be to have one television free day a week. I know for me personally the sound of the phone ringing at night is irritating. Turn your telephone and mobiles off at night to reduce the noise pollution filtering into your evenings. Clean your teeth without an electric toothbrush if the zzzzz of an electric toothbrush irritates you. Only use artificial man made sounds to your advantage such as playing pleasing music.

  1. Now its time to tune into the delicious, nourishing and comforting sounds that occur naturally around you. Observe their presence from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Make a point of hearing them. Really, really, tune into them. Appreciate them. Absorb them. Grab moments of comfort on the go from them throughout your day. Take time to rest in those moments of comfort. For me it’s first thing in the morning as I wake. I’ve never used an alarm clock and wake naturally just before sunrise by the movement of nature. It is then just in that moment when all my boys are still asleep I smother myself in the stillness and absorb the essence of this calming sound. If I skip my moment with silence my day never quite seems the same.

  1. Develop selective hearing. Today for instance I am working at home. I can hear car traffic in the distance but I choose to zoom into the birds and the rustle of the trees and the constant busyness of the kookaburra’s, magpies and crows. If I allow the road traffic to consume my hearing then I very quickly become stressed and zapped of energy and can’t even hear the birds. Practice selective hearing by pushing toxic urban noises away. If the sound is so loud and so disturbing wear ear plugs just as you would on a plane or cover up the sound as much as you can.

  1. Invite comfort on the go with regular pleasurable sounds that you personally add to your day. The beauty of ipod’s and MP3 players means you can receive comfort on the go from very pleasing energy giving sounds whilst in your car, walking around a shopping centre, in your garden or cooking the dinner. House work and cooking meals should never be done without comforting nourishing sounds. It all adds to the vibes in the food and energy of your home.

  1. Play music from your favorite holiday destination or a country you long to travel to. I always and I mean always play my Balinese music at home as it quickly transports me in an instant to Ubud in Bali. It’s like I am still there.

And remember the hills really are alive with the sound of music.. ……


Whilst you may not have total control over all the sounds outside of your living environment you certainly do in your home. Eliminate any sounds in your home which irritate, unsettle or contribute no value whatsoever to nourishing you.

Thanks for reading my article:

Comfort on the Go is a weekly feature:

Peace, love and chai tea to you all.

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