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Are You Making Soul-Centered Connections?

Posted Sep 25 2012 1:10pm

What does it matter how many people you follow on Twitter vs. how many people follow you? What does it matter how many “likes” you get on your Facebook post?

It doesn’t matter.

You can connect with one person and you’ve successfully mastered what social media intended for you. To meet and make connections.

I am sick of people talking AT me and not making an effort to connect with me. With everyone trying to talk about what they’re doing, why on earth would anyone listen to you? Especially if you’re just trying to tweet to kill. In other words, make a sale.

If this is you, you’re destroying your relationships! Now, I’m not going to use this blog post talking about twitter and other social networks. This stuff is about real life too.

When you talk to people and share what you do, are you aiming to make a soul-centered connection? You know, isn’t the reason you wanted to go in business was to help people?

I know that’s why I decided to become an entrepreneur. And not just any kind, a soul-centered, SOUL-ar powered one! My deep desire to help others.

So what is a soul-centered connection? It’s a connection you make with another human being that is fueled with your best intentions and your ORW (Original Reason Why). I’ll touch on ORW in other blog post. But it’s basically your reason why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you want it.

People matter. They’re the purpose of your business after all.

So, talk to us. Engage with us. Give us your BEST stuff. Hold nothing back. Love us. That’s all we want. And that’s all you want. Plus making moo-la while you’re at it. But if you’re not connecting with us. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. Human to human. You can’t except us to give a damn.

Tell me, are you making soul-centered connections? If not, start now. Start today. It makes a world of difference in your life. It’s made a world of difference in my business. As a result, I get to work with who I want.

Did you hear that? I get to work with who I want. I get to choose. And I get them because I “get” them. I connect. They connect. I love. They love. I give. They give. We exchange. It’s fair and scrumptious and wildly beneficial for us both.

All the while it serves my purpose. Serves my ORW.

Go on! Lead with your heart dear one!!

with BIG bright bold love,


P.S. If this post is ringing true for you and you would like to dive deeper to have your soul totally leading the way in your life and business, then call this a soul-centered connection! Because I’m teaching 2 workshops as a part of the Soul Engaged Workshop Series.

It’s like a really awesome camp of 20 heart-centered women, sitting around a fire (virtually) warm cozy and birthing their most soulful self.

Ah!! Seriously, if this feels good to you, check out:  to see if there’s still space open. I would love to see your darling face and clear and support you.


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