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Alexander Technique

Posted by C.L. R.

Has anyone ever had a session with an Alexander Technique instructor? It's very interesting - they teach you how to use your body in an extremely relaxing fashion by training your mind to think of movement in another way. In other words, it teaches you to use your body in a way that's easy, simple and not tension oriented.
For example, you know that groaning sound you sometimes make when you're motivating yourself to get up off the couch? The Alexander Technique would not encourage such a sharp, tension oriented muscle response movement. It would encourage you to languidly move about, rolling, etc. like a baby moves around until your body is "inspired" to get up. With this inspiration, there won't be any moaning and very little muscle effort behind it. Anyone know anything about all this?
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I am very interested in this, as well as Feldenkrais, which sounds similar. There is an Alexander Technique and Yoga workshop that is offered nearby once every few months and I have unfortunately had scheduling conflicts. But I plan to attend soon if I can. I am working on greater body awareness and this seems to be an interesting path towards that end.

Hi Stephanie,


There are similarities between the two. Feldencrais came out of the Alexander Technique. Hope you do get to go to a session. If you're able,I recommend a private session where you'll get to do some Alexander tablework. There's nothing like it!

By the way, you have a great site!


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