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alcoholism can cause infertility

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:00am

All of us like to have a glass of wine or two during meal time. Drinking alcohol has been perceived as a social activity and well accepted by most people, as long as it is not done overboard. I know that some people have specialwine refrigeratorsin their homes to store their gourmet collection of wines. Wine drinking has become a lifestyle in the recent years. Home Page

Having said this, a person battling with alcohol dependency has the potential of suffering from different health ailments that occur from alcoholism and it can even result in being the cause to some men and women’s infertility problems. It does not matter if a woman just drinks occasionally or is a full blown alcoholic, she is at high risk for becoming infertile because of the use of alcohol and if a woman drinks alcohol when she is pregnant, there is a very high chance that if she can go through the pregnancy full term, her infant can suffer with fetal alcohol syndrome. This can lead to many conditions that can be devastating, some that occur from fetal alcohol syndrome are, slow growth rate, heart conditions that can be life threatening, retardation and different behavioral changes.

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