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Adjust your yin yang time clock and bring a delightful energetic flow back into your day:

Posted Sep 28 2008 8:28pm

By Carole Fogarty

Detox and de-stress: A regular feature:

For the past 20 years I’ve been exploring and researching my passion of looking for simple solutions to feel less stress with the higher purpose of allowing my body, mind and soul to feel lighter, more open, expansive and free.

This article shares an ancient principle which I have found to make an enormous difference to the flow of my day. I’m trusting this article will resonate with you as it offers a simple suggestion for bringing more balance, harmony, flow and less stress into your life.

It was well over a decade ago when I was studying with Feng Shui and Tai Chi masters that I began to appreciate the wonderful ancient principle called yin and yang. It’s simple (you’ve got to love simple), and I guarantee if you apply just the core of its principles to the beginning of your day it will change the way you expend and receive energy.

A snap shot of yin and yang:

Just in case you are not 100% familiar with the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang here is a very, very brief snap shot:

  • Yin and Yang are the two extremes of energy which exist in harmony in our universe. Energy is forever changing from either a yin to a yang state or yang to a yin. We need a balanced dose of yin (receiving) and yang (giving) energy within a 24 hour period to experience extreme well being. All your thoughts, activities and living or work environment can be seen as either yin or yang.
  • Yin is an energy that is opposite to yang. It is calm, still, peaceful, internal, female, night time, winter, moon and receiving. If you are familiar with the symbol it’s the black side with the small white dot.
  • Yang is the energy which is opposite to yin. Yang is busy, active, movement, noisy, male, day time, summer and giving. It is the white side of the symbol with the small black dot representing yin.


Nature and the seasons have their own perfect yin yang time clock:

How you transition from a yin (calm) state to a yang (busy) state first thing in the morning can make all the difference to your level of well being.

You can witness quite easily how natural and gentle the transition from yin to yang occurs within a 24 hour day by watching the sun rise and set or our seasons change from winter (yin) to summer (yang). Night (yin) and day (yang) are of course a quicker version of the yin to yang transition whilst the seasons take 12 months to fully complete their transition from yin (winter) to yang (summer).

We as human beings can learn by observing how we transition from yin thoughts and activities to yang thoughts and activities and of course from yang thoughts and activities to yin thoughts and activities.

Many people in the world today constantly stay in extreme yang mode from first thing in morning till last thing at night. The body of course cannot sustain this continuous giving of energy for long periods of time.

It is only when we go against this natural rhythm and flow (that we were born of) and which occurs naturally in everything around us that we become stressed, depleted and feel disconnected.

A simple adjustment of your habits starting with how you wake first thing in the morning and transition into the busyness of the day can support your well being.

Simple ways to transition from your yin morning energy into your yang busy day energy?

Observe how you wake in the morning from your most yin activity sleep. Do you gently ease yourself into the day or do you push full steam ahead without a moments thought.

For years now I have lived as best I can with the natural rhythms of the yin yang cycle and have never once used an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. I let my body wake when the rest of nature begins to stir. I never wake to a noisy shockingly stressful alarm clock, I generally wake feeling rested and most times wake earlier than what I need too. The first 20 minutes or so is me time. I might make a chai tea, journal, walk with nature on the beach or meditate. Most importantly I listen to my inner guidance for the day being clear on my direction before getting bombarded with the busyness of the day and my three boys.

I also prepare the house to invite more yin energy into our mornings and breakfast time. I will burn essential oils and play soothing music quietly so when my boys wake they will go about getting ready for school and eating breakfast in a calmer way. Sure they may eventually turn the TV on but my initial intention for a gradual transition into a yang busy day has already been achieved.

Keep your thoughts and actions calm for the first 20 minutes after you wake:
Simply notice whether your thoughts are rushed or calm first thing in the morning. Start thinking about ways you could gradually ease yourself into your busy day, even if it means getting up half an hour earlier. I prefer to wake before my children as my day definitely flows better when I do.

I find journaling wonderful either to empty my head, connect with my thoughts, solve problems, get clearer with my visions or ask questions. I believe when I journal I am journaling with a higher energy and first thing in the morning is the best time to connect to this higher energy. Sometimes my journaling prompt is - What is it that I need to do today?

Soothing yin music:
Playing soothing music first thing in the morning (instead of radio and TV) adds a yin flavour to the energy of your home. I personally love this option as it reminds me not rush, helps me enjoy my morning rituals with gentleness and can de-stress my mind fairly quickly if I start to feel too rushed too quickly.

Smelling yin energy:
There is no doubt the influence smell has on our nervous system. Burning essentials oils are a simple way to add a calming yin energy into your home first thing in the morning. No family member can escape its calming qualities.

Eating breakfast with yin energy:
You can eat reading the newspapers and watching TV all of which can overstimulate your mind and bring busyness instantly into your day. Alternately you can prepare and eat breakfast in a yin calm way, connecting with family or just staying with yourself or surrounded by nature on your verandah.

Avoid stressful annoying alarm clocks:
If you need an alarm clock to wake make sure it gently eases you into a wakeful state and not blast your nervous system with stress and resentment.

Gently connect with your body in a yin way:
You may wish to go for a walk in nature, practice some gentle yoga poses or a tai chi sequence. Both bring your awareness into your body allowing you pay attention to what really is important.

Whether its guided meditation or your own personal style any form of meditation is a wonderful way to transition into your busy yang day. I sometimes play Doreen Virtues chakra clearing audio CD or simply sit repeating OM silently to myself.

Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and lots of yin energy to you all, Carole.


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