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Absolute Blast

Posted Feb 24 2013 12:44pm

This weekend has been an absolute blast – there’s no denying it :D   I didn’t go sky diving, or take a tropical vacation, or win $1 million dollars, but I did…

Eat a super simple, super scrumptious breakfast.  Van’s waffles are the bomb[dot]com.  They fill your kitchen with the faintest cinnamon scent while they’re toasting.  They’re full of flavor – they’re delicious naked, but toppings are always an added bonus.  And they stay crispy and never get soggy, regardless of however many toppings you pile on.


Go to World Market and Walmart.  Holy moly, these two stores are absolutely, amazingly awesome!  I originally needed to go to World Market to buy another bottle of Torani [since I may or may not have accidentally opened a bottle that I had planned on sending to the giveaway winner] but walked out with much, much more…  There was a cool collection candies, all-natural sodas, an assortment of international beers and wines, and aisle after aisle of specialty foods, as well as common foods that were priced wicked cheap.  I was in heaven!


After World Market Ryan needed to swing by Walmart for some sort of computer cable.  While he was browsing through the electronics, I perused the grocery department.  Grapefruits for 60 cents?  Avocados for 80 cents?  Chobani for $1?  It was too good to be true!  We walked out with a $35 bill but if we were at our local grocery store, it would have been at least double that.  Winning!

See Safe Haven.  Sometimes a girl needs a good cry and this movie gave me that.  I’ve loved Julianne Hough since I saw her in Footloose [laugh all you want] and Josh Duhamel is always cute.  I had no idea that the movie was going to be as suspenseful as it was, but I definitely think it’s worth seeing if you have a few free hours on a dreary afternoon.  After the movie Alex and I grabbed coffee and got lost in deep conversation – it was fabulous.  Side note: is jaywalking illegal in DC?

[ source ]

Receive new-to-me goodies.  Thanks to Alex I now have a box of quinoa milk [I joke, but for some strange reason boxed milk makes me think of breast milk?!] and 2 bottles of NuNaturals stevia.  I’ve heard great things about the NuNaturals line but I can’t justify paying that much for such little liquid – I’m thankful for giving friends!  I’d love to use them to bake lemon poppy seed muffins or even better, Sally’s Baking Addiction Orange Sweet Rolls …  Swoon!

[ source ]

Have company at the gym.  This week Ryan got back into the gym.  It’s been a long time coming since his surgery way back in November – he hasn’t had the easiest recovery but he’s been working hard.  It was fun having him join me in TNT, even if I can lift more than him [muahaha]!  No but seriously, I am so proud of him.

[ source ]

Catch Charlie the Chobani bandit.  I take full responsibility and admit that it’s all my doing, but Charlie has become a Chobani addict.  Whenever Ryan or I eat something out of a bowl [cereal, oatmeal, yogurt] Charlie goes crazyyy – even more than when steak is being served.


Watch “Harlem Shake” videos.  For a few shits and giggles, one of the many “Harlem Shake” videos from my alma mater [Boston University]…

[ source ]

Anddd one more…

[ source ]

Postpone my run to be outside.  After checking the forecast yesterday morning, I opted to postpone my run until today – 50 degrees and sunny sounded much more pleasant than 30 degrees and rainy.  It’s hard to believe that my first half marathon is less than 3 weeks away.  I’m starting to feel a little anxious.


Whelp, this post has ended up to be completely all over the place.  If you kept up awesome!  If you didn’t, no worries!  All that’s important is that this weekend was an absolute blast :D   And if I go missing, you most likely can find me at World Market.

Question:  What made your weekend an absolute blast?

Question:  Have you watched any “Harlem Shake” videos?  Feel free to link-up!

— Allison

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