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A Toast To Your Own Health!

Posted Jul 02 2008 6:03pm 1 Comment

If you want to make one dietary change to improve your health,DRINK MORE WATER.

I’m generally a pretty good water consumer, but I don’talwaysdrink as much as I should. Two simple changes I’ve made have automatically increased my water intake without ANY work on my part.

  • Drink a tall cool glass as soon as you wake up. Everyone wakes up slightly dehydrated (you may mistake this thirst for hunger). Having a glass of water will make you more aware of your thirst throughout the day. You’ll find yourself reaching for water much more often. You’llcravethe water. It may be a struggle to start the day off with a glass of water but chug it down, give it some time, and you’re sure to notice the results.
  • Fall in love with a SIGG water bottle. These bottles are BPA-free, taste neutral, leach-free, durable, light, reusable, and STYLISH. There are 144 bottle designs with 22 interchangeable lids. You can have a simple plain bottle, an artistic design, or a bottle that makes a statement. These bottles make you WANT to drink. See the bottom ofthis postfor more info about the dangers of plastic water bottles.

Since getting mine, I’ve been drinking approx. 3 liters a day! Find Yours At Whole Foods, EMS, REI, Amazon,

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I'm still really bad when it comes to drinking lots of water--I actually can't drink cold or cool water because it makes my teeth sensitive, but I do like lukewarm water, especially if it's flavored with cucumber or lemon slices. Something about the taste of plain water makes it hard for me to drink it, but adding a little kick definitely helps.
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