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A Simple Solution When Feel Like You’ve Lost The Plot:

Posted Dec 08 2008 6:02pm

By Carole Fogarty

Editor Rejuvenation Loungeand facilitator of Women’s Rejuvenation Retreats:


Rejuvenate Your Lifestyle: 

I have just returned from a trip to Melbourne and Sydney with my boys, and realized in the process of my travels, I had lost the plot.  My always reliable rhythm to daily life had done a runner. Vanished.  Disappeared. Poof. I’d lost my rhythm.



  Photo by Riot Jane:


I was missing yoga classes, would forget to eat lunch or morning tea then experience energy slumps in the afternoon,  couldn’t manage to complete a blog post to save myself (sorry about that) and was totally disorganized for school lunches and meals.

Naturally I was still busy doing stuff, working on my blog, even facilitating women’s rejuvenation classes but I certainly didn’t feel remotely close to having a daily rhythm and feeling in the flow of my life. I felt like I was going around in circles.

I looked everywhere for my daily rhythm, under the bed, in the fridge and even in my hand bag.  It was no where to be found.

Lucky, for me I was able to establish the reason for my loss of rhythm quite quickly and began to incorporate really simple remedies into my day (I’ve shared them with you below).

And the reason, you ask,  for losing my rhythm - I was not grounded.  Meaning I was not fully connected and present in my body. My energies were too scattered from all the travel.  You may have experienced an ungrounded feeling before of being vague or spacey after spending way too long on the computer or TV.  Or you are listening to someone talk and haven’t heard one word they’ve said, as your mind is somewhere else.

So I thought as Christmas approaches, it was timely that I write this post sharing a few simple tips that you may need one day when feeling a little ungrounded and “off centre” yourself.


Firstly, Check To See If You Are Grounded: 

Step one for me was to write down how I was feeling.

Words like scattered, unfocused, spacey, restless and unbalanced all appeared on my page.  This pleased me.  They are all classic symptoms of not being grounded.  Gosh, I wish I had done this exercise 5 days earlier.

When you are “not grounded” you are disconnected from your body and not fully aware of everything that’s happening around you.  You live mostly in your head, which is either traveling back into the past,  zooming off into the future or simply spinning around in circles going nowhere fast. Staying focused and completing tasks or even sentences is very tricky, as you are easily distracted and your mind wanders off.


Key symptoms of being ungrounded are:

  • Not being able to stay focused
  • Vague, spacey
  • Not fully aware of everything that is happening around you
  • Easily distracted
  • Prone to accidents, bruises and bumping into things as you are not fully present
  • Forget to eat and drink
  • Make decisions and choices which have not been thought through properly


Note to self:   Next time you lose the plot don’t wait one week to write down how you are feeling.


Three Simple Ways To Get Grounded: 


1: Eat and Drink Well:  Firstly meals became my priority.  Three meals and two snacks eaten around the same time each day. I prepared all warm light home cooked meals as much as possible.    Certainly no take-away junk food eaten on the run.  I simply gave my body the fuel and attention it needed.  After around 3-5 days my mind and energies began to shift.  I felt much calmer, my thoughts were less crowded and I became far less reactive to the world around me.


2: Feel Your Body More:  Yoga, tai chi or qi gong are all great practices that bring your full awareness into your body.  I literally had to push myself back into yoga classes but once I got there I was literally connected in an instant to my rhythm of exercise.  My body was very grateful. Of course any exercise like walking, jogging or aerobics bring your attention back into your body.

I also made a point of being in nature more often and letting my bare feet actually walk on the sand or grass. Simply sitting under a tree or on the ground in a park will ground your energies after a short while.  Stay as long as you like or until you notice a shift.  I personally sit on our local beach and watch the waves and people pass by its very therapeutic.


4: Useful Daily Habits: Remember to breath, it reminds you, you have a body.  Whilst breathing is automatic a healthy deep, cleansing breath needs to be conscious.  I imagined breathing all the way down to my feet. It cleverly redirected energy out of my head, and back into my body.    Daily Self Massage is one daily habit which I stopped whilst traveling and never started back up again.  Big mistake.  My morning and evening self massage obviously helped greatly in grounding my energies.  Simply massaging your feet can be extremely grounding.


Thanks so much for reading my article, Carole.You are welcome to come back and visit my blog the Rejuvenation Lounge anytime or grab daily rejuvenation tips from me over at twitter.



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