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A Simple Guide To Cleansing The Energy In Your Home:

Posted Jul 25 2010 6:10pm

Post written by Carole Fogarty.    Facilitator of Women’s Rest & Rejuvenation Retreats


Rejuvenate Your Home:

“Fresh, invigorating energy fills my life.” Denise Linn

The atmosphere (energy) in churches, temples and cathedrals is continuously being cleansed and blessed with incense, bells, candles, sound, salt, prayer and more.  The result a sacred space that feels safe, peaceful and deeply nurturing.

So, why not practice a simple energy cleansing ritual yourself, (borrowed from the priests and monks), to cleanse the atmosphere in your own personal living space.  Its a fabulous way to remove negative and stale energy that may be lingering from past illness, arguments or upset.

Its all about clearing out the old and making way for the new.    No experience needed - only the intention, a few ingredients/tools and about a half an hour of your time.



Photo by madaboutasia:


I have passionately studied for over 20 years space cleansing ceremonies around the world, from many ancient cultures.   And still to this day, perform energy cleansing rituals on people’s homes (although its not something I advertise - ssssh!).

Of course, energy cleansing rituals can be quite time consuming (mine usually take around 2 hours).  However my intention with this guide, is not to “turn you off” energy cleansing with too many steps and complex tools, but to inspire you  with a very do-able, safe and easy to follow guide.

I trust that you really do notice a change, and a difference in the way your home feels once you have cleansed and blessed the energy in your home.  Your questions and feedback, as always, are most welcome.  Please do let me know how you go.



Clear  the clutter (first) for better results:

 “I release the past with ease and trust in the process of life” Louise Hay

Before you begin I highly recommend putting a little time aside to sell/give-away or throw out some unloved, unused,  broken, haven’t used in 2 years,  expired or doesn’t fit stuff  from your cupboards, corners and hidden spaces.

Now, if the whole idea of clearing clutter is overwhelming or seems too time consuming, here’s a few articles I’ve written in the past, which may give you the inspiration and kick in the butt you may need to start clearing out some of that old stuck stale energy.   Good luck.


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Your tools/ingredients for energy cleansing:


Ancient cultures include sound and elements from nature to perform their space cleansing rituals.  Choose at least one from each category below to use in your cleansing practice.


1:  Sound instrument (bell, Tibetan singing bowl, clap sticks, drums etc.).  I generally use my Balinese Priest bell, clapping (my own hands) and a harmony ball.    Sound of course can also include your own voice eg.  Chanting om has a very powerful effect on the energy in any room.


2:  Something from the earth to cleanse (e.g. salt, the smoke from white sage, or pine needles or hand made specialized incense).  I use rock salt and white sage always.


3:  Holy water (ordinary water that has been infused with sunshine, chanting, holy basil leaves or blessed).  My holy water has received a few hours of sunshine and a few hours listening to chants and mantra’s from my CD player.  Of course you can add flower essences, essential oils or even crystals to infuse the water with a higher energy.


4:  Fire - candles


5:  An infusion of nature (optional) ( flowers, crystals, stones, rice )  Its always a nice touch to add a favourite crystal, stone or flowers to the ritual.




A simple 8 step energy cleansing guide for your home:


You will be walking around the inside of your home at least 6 times - moving along each wall of each room - and spending longer in certain spots where you feel the energy is a little heavier or stuck.  Begin and finish at the alter you have set up or alternately your front entrance, whichever feels right for you.

Be as present, and in your body as you can, stay hydrated, remember to breath and above all, trust your intuition.  Stop and rest whenever you need to, particularly if your mind starts to wander.  Mindful awareness is the key.


1:  Set your intention:

Have a clear intention as to the reason why you are doing it.   Write it down, then read it back to yourself.  Make sure it feels right for you.

For example -  “I now let go of old stuck energy from my life and home easily and attract new beginnings and opportunity”.


2:  Create a temporary special space (altar):

To make your cleansing ritual extra special, I always love to set a small space aside with all my tools/ingredients.  I cover a small part of a table with a special sarong that I only use for space clearing. I then add a bowl of salt, holy water, sage, bells, harmony ball, candles, fresh flowers and whatever else I may be inspired to add on the day e.g. crystals, space clearing mist, statues of Quan yin, Ganesha or Buddha.


3:  Begin with a prayer of thanks:

It’s always a lovely idea to say a little prayer, affirmation or mantra before you begin.  It adds a dash of specialness to your ritual and acknowledges the start of the cleansing process.  No rules here, do whatever feels right for you.  Its also a great time to light your candle.


4:  Sprinkle your floor with rock salt:

Start in your chosen location (front door or altar) and hold your bowl of rock salt.   Move around your home sprinkling a handful of rock salt across doorways, in corners and anywhere where you feel the energy is heavy.  For example it may be all around a bed due to a illness, in the kitchen due to lots of arguments or along the window sill next to troublesome neighbours.  Leave for 12 hours if you can.

Trust your gut feelings.


5: Clap away  stagnant energy:

Now you will be moving around your home for the second time - clapping continuously.   Clapping is a fabulous way to sense and read the energy in your rooms.

When a clap is crisp, clear and easy to do then it generally indicates the energy is light and flowing.  When a clap is heavy, dull or flat sounding this generally alerts you to the fact there is stagnant/stuck energy.   Stay in these spots for longer, continuing to clap until you feel your clap becomes crisper and clearer.


5:   Use your sound instrument to cleanse even deeper:

Now you will be moving around your home for the third time - this time with your sound instrument.  Bell, singing bowl,  Tibetans bells or tingsha cymbals etc.

Again, linger longer in areas that you feel have a thicker energy.  Repeat any room you feel may need it.


6:   Uplift with a harmony ball / infinity symbol:

This will be the fourth time now you are moving around your home.  This step is not so much about clearing negative energy but infusing a lighter or higher vibration in the atmosphere of your home.

I personally prefer to use a harmony ball   which sends a lovely light gentle tinkle into the vibe of a room.   If you don’t have a harmony ball then draw the infinity symbol (figure 8 on its side) into each wall and room of your home.

The infinity symbol is a powerful ancient symbol that can bring balance and harmony back into a space when repeated.  You might be surprised what a difference infusing your rooms with the ancient symbol has on the atmosphere.


7:  Uplift with holy water

On your fifth circle of your home, flick or spray your holy water into the centre space of each room to infuse a lovely healing energy.  Flick or spray into the corners if you feel they need it - they generally do.


8:  Uplift with prayer or mantra

This will be your sixth and last time you circle the energy of your home.  You simply walk into each room and offer a prayer, affirmation or mantra.    Don’t rush, be calm and mindfully repeat your mantra to each room.  Finish with your own prayer of thanks.



Tips for a success: 


1:  Clear as much clutter as you can beforehand.

2:  Only perform an energy cleansing ritual when your energies are strong, your thoughts are clear and preferably there is no-one else in the house.

3:  Pay close attention to the corners - they are well known spots to hold stuck, dead or heavy energy.



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