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A Morning Full of Beetle Research... *yawn*

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:07am
Oh gosh, what drama we've had this morning. Would you believe that for the last 2 hours I have been on the phone with my husband and we're both sitting in front of our computers, he at the office, me at the house, scrutinizing the entomology of black beetles?

For the love of Pete!

Yes, beetles. See, blister beetles can kill your horses. Blister beetles love alfalfa hay. Our alfalfa hay that we bought is warrantied against blister beetles, but hubby found a smooshed bug of some sort this morning while flaking the horses (for you non-horsy people, a 'flake' is an amount of hay that kind of comes off the bale in its own layer, like phyllo-dough or something...).

So he called me in a panic. Not that I knew one thing about blister beetles, but he knew that I could find out- pronto. See, he seems to think that I know something more than he about how to find something on the computer. Truth is, I just type too fast. By the time he had hunted and pecked out 'black blister beetle' into the Google Search Box, I was already emailing him several photos of the black little monsters for him to compare.

After hemming and hawing about whether or not this smashed up bug could be a blister beetle or not, we're leaning toward the 'not' but he's taking it into someone who can tell for sure just to be on the safe side. It doesn't LOOK like any of the photos I've found, but then again, he's been smashed...

That has monopolized my morning. The drama!

For those of you crazy cats emailing me and questioning whether my past few posts have been hidden reviews, I say this: you guys are silly! Nope. I know that it sounds unreal to think that my shape could be changing so fast and that I must be blowing the truth out of proportion alittle bit, but I swear I'm not! Here's proof: my friend (and faithful blog reader), Julie, can attest! I shook myself out of my jeans in the school lobby yesterday afternoon just to prove it! Julie, tell 'em, will ya?

I'm not kidding you that my shape is changing- and fast! Now, there's no getting around the fact that I have tons of toning up to do... my stomach is getting flatter but its still a bowl full of jelly that needs strengthening. 5 years after having a baby and not doing ANY EXERCISE has got me jiggling everywhere, I freely admit. However, the overall measurements of my body are shrinking!!

Must get busy editing and uploading the Featured Member for this week on the BwhoURNetwork! Check it out when you get a chance! Have a great day! :)

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