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A Morning Accident

Posted Nov 06 2008 12:24pm
Morning everyone,

I woke up this morning to a dreary, foggy, muggy morning. Scooted the dog outside to do her business, just as the downpour began. What a way to start the day, huh?

The rain was pouring down so hard this morning as I drove little D to school, that I was going 40 mph on the freeway, and I felt like I was still flying. You know how it is to drive through a torrential rainstorm, right? Both hands clenching the steering wheel for dear life as you lean forward and peer into the foggy darkness and still can't see ANYTHING?

Scary stuff.

Then, to my horror, just about 5 miles from our house, was an accident. The Sheriff's car must have been cruising the area and came upon the accident just moments after it happened. I was just moments after him. I didn't see the actual accident, only the it had just happened. I could decipher from quick observation that a semi-truck had lost control on the opposite side of the freeway and had head-on collided with a woman driving a Volvo SUV...

The semi was jack-knifed now on our side of the freeway, parts and products from its container strewn all over. The Volvo resembled a Smart Car. No joke.

I started to cry as I saw the woman running around and around her Volvo screaming and trying to get into her backseat. A child in the backseat, most definitely. God let that child be okay...

Let them all be okay, but please let that innocent child come away from this nasty accident with no harm...

I couldn't help but think that I was running just a minute or two late this morning and that could have easily been me. If I hadn't taken that last trip to the restroom before jumping in the car, maybe it would have been... maybe it would have been me screaming and gnawing at my backdoors, trying to get at my baby...

I'm very thankful for the blessings in my life and the guardian angels that watch over my family and me.

Stay safe today and count your blessings... !!
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