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A Fallen Woman – Oucch my sacrum

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:00pm

by Lesley Powell

Two weeks ago I fell off a chair in my apartment trying to hang a picture on a wall. I landed on my back hard.  I could feel with the fall that I whacked my sacrum out.

My usual techniques of release with constructive rest and rolling on Franklin balls were too painful to practice.  Lying on my back was the worse.  The first couple days on my days off, I just did gentle walking and small movements on my side that I learned from Hanna somatics.

I got some outside help with visiting my rolfer, Kayte Ringer and Cranial Sacral Message therapist, Ula Katsoulis.  Around my sacrum is bruised so I have to wait until this heals.

Movement as always was my savior.  With the bruised sacrum, I concentrated below and above the injury.  Some movements such as Pilates rolldown was impossible.  I modified positions and range of motion of movements.  Gentle movement helped unlock the pelvis stuck from spasms.  I never pushed into pain.  Fortunately at Movements Afoot, there are many props to help modify positions.  For instance, lying on my back, I put extra padding around my tailbone.

When you injured yourself, I highly recommend visiting a specialist to help you recover.  If you feel comfortable to be in class, make sure that you tell the teacher about your body.  At Movements Afoot, our teachers are well trained to help you find modifications for exercises.  Please let them know beforehand.  Movement should not be painful.  Great movement should invite new fluidity into your muscles and joints.

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