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A Fabulous Restful Yoga And Mindful Breathing DVD:

Posted Aug 16 2011 8:54pm

Are having trouble putting time aside to unwind and let go of your day?   If you are, then I’m guessing you’ll love my recent DVD discovery.  It may well be the perfect therapeutic relaxation partner you’ve been looking for.

In fact if I was clever enough to make my own simple restful yoga and mindful breathing DVD, it would be very similar to this one.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I bought Rodney Yee’s Relaxation & Breathing DVD from Amazon and loved it.

It includes 5 simple restful yoga postures and 3 mindful breathing practices.   If pushed for time you can simply do 10 minutes of mindful breathing practices.  If you have around 30 minutes you could easily complete all 5 of the very therapeutic, restful yoga postures.

Mix it up depending on how you feel and the time you have available.  After all 10 minutes of mindful breathing and relaxation has to be better than none.

I’ve written quite a bit about simple restful yoga and mindful breathing before (there’s a few links below) but sometimes we are too restless to “let it all go” by ourselves and that’s when a DVD can come in very handy.  A handy little partner to help you stop, rest and digest your day.   Plus, I have to admit I like the sound of his voice, its very calming.

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Here’s a couple of the key points that Rodney talked about in his introduction that particularly resonnated with me.

1. To be relaxed requires full and deep breathing.   To breath fully it is necessary to be relaxed

2.   Connect with, and then follow your breath to help identify where you are gripping or tensing your breath.

3. Use your breath and relaxation to help let go of tension and stress.

4. Learn to surrender to the power of the breath.



Legs up the wall to calm the mind, reduce fatigue and reduce swelling in the legs.  Perfect if you’ve been standing upall day.

Reclined cobblers pose to relax belly, help with lower back pain, open hips, aid digestion and help with menstrual cycle.

Relaxation with chair, perfect to rest lower back, open shoulders, most helpful if you sit in a chair for long periods.

Relaxation pose encourages you to let go of all movement, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Awareness breath (10 minutes) helps you identify where you grip or tense your breath.

Exhalation awareness (10 minutes) encourages you exhale completely and fully.  Begin your inhalation at the base/end of your exhalation.

Pranyama alternate nostril breathing to balance the energies in your body and calm the mind.

Bonus relaxation meditation


If you feel this DVD is just what you’ve been looking for then click here to buy from Amazon .



My recent book recommendations:

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