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A (Brief) History Behind Let it Flow

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:10pm

“Where is all this fear coming from?” I asked with a voice of desperation. 18 months after quitting my job and I’d finally had enough. And so I embarked on a number of soul searching adventures to help find the answer to that question. Meditation and writing retreats, yoga practice, journaling, coaching, acupressure, homeopathy. I knew I could find the answers if I dug deep enough. I wanted success in my personal and professional life and I was determined to figure it out.

The answers really started to “let it flow” during a week long writing and meditation retreat. I arrived at the retreat with two writing projects in mind: the Let it Flow book and a personal essay/memoir. I wasn’t quite sure which I had more energy or inspiration to write. I found the answer while writing my morning pages on the first day of the retreat. As my morning pages naturally came to an end, the answer I was looking for appeared as the following words hit the pages of my notebook:

Before you can write the Let it Flow book, you must figure out your personal stuff. You must first learn to let it flow.

Like a lightbulb turned on after so many years of darkness I realized my block. If I wanted to promote Let it Flow as a business, product, or anything, I myself needed to Let it Flow so I could truly understand what I was promoting! And so began my own Let it Flow Experience.

The Very Beginning

After participating in a firewalk during the summer of 2005 I walked away from that event believing “I can do anything!” Shortly thereafter at my kitchen table, Let it Flow and the heart logo were born based on my belief that everything we do starts from the heart and flows out. My first tag line: Fitness starts on the inside. When you feel good, you look good.

Let it Flow and the heart made sense to me at that time but in a very different way than they do today. Originally, my thoughts behind Let it Flow were very practical. First, the heart = health, and without our health we don’t have much of anything. The words Let it Flow were general on purpose, allowing the individual to put meaning on the “it” - money, energy, your body, the people in your life. Whatever needed to get unstuck and cleared in order to truly enjoy life. On some level, I still very much hold true to these thoughts.

And Today…

Once I started to really let it flow, the words meant so much more. The words became an experience, an experience that in the end started with my heart. I began writing about my experiences in journals and as a result created what I call the Let it Flow Experience (LiFE), an integral framework that looks at the whole person and all areas of well-being. The framework consists of 3 primary components:

  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Action

The Let it Flow Experience is a continuous cycle. As I move through it I am constantly learning, developing and discovering new things about myself. The Let it Flow Experience is designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your health, career, and relationships. Providing you the information and tools necessary to reduce stress and live a life that is balanced and satisfying. I’m excited to share the Experience with you in 2009.

Stay tuned for follow up posts explaining in more detail the Let it Flow Experience, the framework and the new 6 week teleseminar series that begins January 27.

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