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“Infinite patience produces immediate results.”

Posted Aug 31 2013 9:53am

“Infinite patience produces immediate results” is a quote written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This is the quote that I scribbled onto the white board that adorns my refrigerator at the start of the month. It serves as a reminder that the practice of allowing results to manifest is a sacred reality. This practice is an exploration of a niyama from the Yoga Sutras of Putanjali called Ishvara Pranidhana. Roughly translated, it means “surrender.” Surrender implies pure and complete trust. The kind of trust that sits in our hearts and opens us to living in grace.

Peggy McColl writes: “With patience and trust you will be tapping into the power of attraction. You need not really be concerned about how it is going to show up. When you have this knowing, great things have no fear of time. The universal intelligence doesn’t operate within the parameters of time. You are the source!”

Life takes us upside down and sideways in order to reassert the vigilance of the reality we manifest. That is why in yoga we practice poses that challenge us – literally taking us upside down and sideways. We practice a new pose and a million new ways of thinking about the pose until we reach some point where things just click. We experience this kind of  “ah ha!” moment when we learn to trust ourselves. We surrender and suddenly the pose becomes effortless. So we practice manifesting effortlessness in many different poses and we learn to bring this practice into our daily lives. As we invite ease into our world the results are immediate. Immediately our reality is more sacred, more true, and more aligned with life force.

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Sat Naam,

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