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8 Simple Steps to Creating Balance in Your Life

Posted Feb 13 2008 4:34pm 3 Comments


Put your family first. Our #1 priority is our family. Regardless of what else comes our way on a Cushing_familythumb_03 daily basis, we need to make time for our family. An article from Career Journal, published by The Wall Street Journal Online, written by Kevin Voigt offers this story: "Ostensibly, successful people, if they do have an Achilles heel, it's work-life balance," says Michael Jenkins, Singapore-based Asian managing director of the Center for Creative Leadership, an executive training and research company. "You can't regain your children's childhood; no amount of professional success can compensate for the loss of that family time. At the end of the day, if you aren't a success at home as well, (success at work) probably won't count for much."


It’s your schedule—not anyone else's. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you have a commitment on this day or at that time. If it’s a school event or a Little League ballgame, that is a commitment on your schedule and you should try and arrange another time to work with others.

Slow_down_2 #3

Slow down the pace. Life is simply too short, so don’t let things pass you in a blink of an eye. Take steps to enjoy what is happening around you. Schedule more time for down time; don’t make plans for every evening or weekend. Find ways to distance yourself from the things that add the most stress to your life.


Develop a game plan for the day. Taking a few minutes at the start of your day (or the night before) to plan your day can save you a lot of time in keeping efficient during the day. Always include family time into your day. Plan your exercise and play time. With a game plan in order, you’ll find that making other commitments is easy without sacrificing the work that needs to be completed.


Take vitamins, eat right, and get a chiropractic "tune-up". Incorporating the right foods and taking the best supplements onPhoto_2 a daily basis will improve your health and give you more energy. It’s proven that a poor diet can lead to many health problems and a lack of energy. You might think that the time saved by grabbing the quick meal is helping you get ahead, but in the long term, it is robbing you of the proper nutrients and taking away important energy. Having regular chiropractic "tune-ups" is part of a healthy lifestyle. Creating balance requires mental clarity and chiropractic care assists in enhancing the mind-body connection.


Detach. (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.) Sometimes there are those things you don’t have control over. If you and your spouse are at odds on who was supposed to do the laundry this week (and it’s your 31st time you went through this ordeal), ask yourself…”Is it really worth it?” If the dishes don’t get washed everyday, who really cares? It’s not going to hold you back. Let it go. Detach from these things that suck the energy out of you that could be used to do more productive, more fulfilling things. Pick your battles. Not only with others, also with yourself.


Turn off your mobile phone or PDA. I love doing this! The feeling that runs through my bodyChp_cell_phone knowing I will not have the urge to run for the phone is fantastic! Someone who wants to get in touch with you is going to leave you a voicemail or call you back. While you relax and enjoy a meal with your family or friends, your voicemail serves as a personal assistant and will never forget the telephone number or the name of the caller. It’s a wonderful thing. Check your voicemail later. Then, when the time is right, return the calls. Imagine – no more disruptions. And later when you do return the call, you’ll be on your best footing to answer the questions, solve problems, or make the sale.


Simplify. It seems human nature for just about everyone to take on too many tasks and responsibilities, attempting to do too much. Find ways to simplify your life. Change some things; learn to say no; eliminate the clutter around your home or office -- and in your life.

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this is very helpful and so true
Good tips - though I'd like to add for those single people, if you don't have a family to put first, it is very important to create some sort of personal community for yourself in place of a tight-knit family. Having spoken to several single friends about this, one of the hardest things to cope with as you get older and are alone is that feeling of isolation that can come up, especially when friends who marry and get children suddenly no longer have time for you. Getting involved in community organizations can make a big difference, and it is one of the blessings of being single that you can take the time to volunteer and do things that those with families don't have time to do.
Excellent ideas! I think another great way to create balance is to keep a log of the different areas of your life--work, relationships, physical activity, etc. I actually find that writing out a schedule that makes sure I make time for all these different aspects of myself can be very edifying.
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