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50 Remix– Things I Will Do in the Next Half-Century

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm

cimg1778 I’m feeling a bit exposed. Most women refuse to reveal their age after about 25. Today marks my 50th birthday. Yesterday I looked back at 50 things I’ve already done. Today I look forward to things I will do in the next 50 years. And yes, I do intend to live to 100 or beyond in health, wealth, and happiness. So here’s my list. As of about ten o’clock this morning, I’ll already be crossing number one off the list :)

Then my sweet hubby is planning a weekend birthday trip starting Friday. Let the fun begin and bring on the next 50!

1.  Celebrate my 50 th birthday at Disney World.

2.  Take a Mediterranean cruise.

3.   Live in Italy for at least a year.

4.   Become fluent in Italian.

5.   Visit the Louvre in Paris.

6.   Visit the Guggenheim museum in NYC

7.   Visit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC

8.   Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

9.    Spend at least two days exploring the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC

10. Spend a week in Germany during Oktoberfest

11.  Visit Spain

12.  Travel South America

13.  Ride the entire Pacific Coast Highway on my motorcycle

14.  Ride the entire Blue Ridge Parkway on my motorcycle

15.  Ride my motorcycle at Daytona bike week

16.  Attend Sturgis motorcycle rally

17.  Earn a PhD in some obscure field that is fun to learn

18.  Teach that obscure course at some University and be an eclectic professor

19.  Open and thrive in my dream business - coffee shop - motorcycle tours - bed and breakfast

20.  Be a professor-in-residence at NYU

21.  See Niagara Falls

22.  Visit the Grand Canyon

23.  Go tandem hang gliding off Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga TN

24.  Cradle newborn grandchildren (I’ll adopt some if needed)

25.  Spoil grandchildren

26.  Take grandchildren for first motorcycle adventures

27.  Own and enjoy a beachfront cottage

28.  Learn to play the cello or string bass (maybe both)

29.  Learn to dance American Standard ballroom and dance in competitions

30.  Get paid for my photography

31.  Become a famous chef (think Julia Child)

32.  Meet Oprah and be a guest on her show

33.  Write and publish a book

34.  Have a summer home in the mountains and a winter home in Key West

35.  Pay off all student and parent loans on or before youngest daughter completes college in 2012

36.  Visit the Uffizi in Florence, Italy - I ran out of time visiting all the other museums on my last trip

37.  Complete culinary school at CIA or an apprenticeship in Europe

38.  Visit Egypt and see the pyramids and Sphinx

39.  Spend a week or two in Washington DC visiting all the historical sites and the White House

40.  Start a community Farmer’s Market

41.  Start an Edible Schoolyard program at a local elementary school

42.  Invent something and secure a patent for it

43.  Make a quilt

44.  Travel the US in a camper with a built-in motorcycle garage

45.  Learn to ride and handle my motorcycle like a motorcycle police officer

46.  Place first in motorcycle skills competition at a state rally

47.  Play my French Horn in a community orchestra

48.  Learn to use social media more effectively

49.  Earn total income through passions and quit corporate job

50.  Use talents to help other women reach their full potential.

I’ve seen a most amazing phenomenon and many people have written about it. I have even experienced it first-hand. Those things that we write down we usually do. Somehow the brain makes a connection with the written word as if we have programmed it. Just by writing it down, we are already on the way to realizing it. Then by making it public, as in this blog post, it makes it even more likely as  I now become accountable for my vision.

So what does your list include?

Tags: flow, happiness, joy, passion, personal growth

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