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5 Ways to Feel Good About the Food You Eat

Posted Jun 14 2010 3:05am

Eating an apple Today Evita Ochel , a certified holistic nutritionist and biologist, and founder of , is here to talk about food and how to feel good about what you eat.  If you believe that healthy eating equals deprived eating, Evita says it’s not so!  Keep reading for Evita’s tips on how you can feel good about the food you eat. Take it away Evita!

Have you been neglecting healthy food choices because you picture a scenario where you will be cranky, deprived, and moody?  Do you think you’ll crave everything in sight feeling like everywhere you look, people are eating what they want, and you’re the only one who’s not?

I urge you to think again.

I want you to make food choices from a place of awareness so you feel like you are gaining (in flavor!) and not losing (in enjoyment!).  And here are 5 quick tips to help you do just that.

Add in healthy rather than taking away unhealthy.
For example, say that your diet is primarily based on fast food.  If you are trying to eat less fast food, avoid saying, “Today I am giving up all fast food.”  Your mind will do everything it can to make sure you realize that is a “bad idea.”  Instead of taking away, start by adding in new, healthier options.  Maybe you tell yourself, “I’m going to eat 1 apple per day” or maybe you agree to make 2 dinners per week at home, rather than eating out.  Start with small modifications!

The more you add in healthy options, the more your unhealthy options begin to fade naturally.

Prepare your own meals.
Nothing says quality, pride and creativity like making your own meals. You know exactly what went into them, keeping you in charge of your family’s meals and health.  You can maintain personal standards, pick your own quality ingredients and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment by creating meals you and your family will love.  Have fun by making it a family affair.  That’s something everyone can feel good about.

A great substitution for ice cream. All you need is a blender and fruit.  You can make a fruit-based sorbet or add in some milk or yogurt for a creamy taste, and sweeten naturally with something like raw honey. The taste is rich and creamy.  The only thing missing? Processed sugar, salt, and modified dairy products.

From Stacey: I don’t know Evita, ice cream – the real deal – has such a rich, smooth creamy texture!  How about just once in a while :-)

Work with, not against, your taste buds.
If you don’t like how food tastes, you probably won’t eat it.

Do you prefer sweet flavors?  Incorporate naturally sweetened foods like bell peppers, carrots, buckwheat, mangoes, or melons.

Is sour your thing?  Tomatoes, ginger, oranges, raspberries, sauerkraut, or apple cider vinegar may be just what you need to complete a meal.

Educate yourself on herbs and spices, which bring the natural flavors out of any meal. White sugar and salt serve to mask the true taste of our food.

From Stacey: Just had a conversation about salt recently and said, “If I need salt maybe I shouldn’t eat this food to begin with!

Throw out the rules
If you feel like having a salad for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner, go for it!

Get bold, brave and creative with your food!  Add in some mango chunks to a vegetable salad or some avocado slices as part of dessert.  Make a cold peach soup to cool off with in the summer or have steamed squash as part of a hearty breakfast in the winter.

Pace yourself
Do you often feel tired after a meal because you ate too much?  Do you feel guilty because you ate to much and feel stuffed?  Overeating is extremely taxing on our digestive system and our entire body. You want to get up from the table feeling energized, not exhausted.

Eating slower, watching portion sizes, and creating awareness about when your body is full, will help you avoid over eating and feel good about meal time.   Make sure your plate is never full to the rim with food, practice saying “no thank you” and know your limits to feel great after every meal.

Note from Stacey: And I might add, if you do indulge and overeat, enjoy it instead of judging it! The stress of judging it can have additional negative consequences.  Be kind to yourself.

About Evita
Evita Ochel, B.Sc., B.Ed., CHN – is a certified holistic nutritionist, biologist, educator, writer, researcher and speaker in the areas of health, science and holistic wellness. She is a nutritional science expert and her teaching and writing focus on natural, wholesome, plant-based and organic nutrition to achieve optimal health and longevity. You can find more of her work on and .

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