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5 Things about Life in the Country

Posted Mar 26 2009 3:52pm
There's no getting around the fact that there are some 'givens' that come with this zany life. I mean, let's face it:

1. Life is UNpredictable

We are in the business of animals. Our 'widgets' have 4-legs, hungry stomachs, a need for water... they require care, love, attention, and time. All of the time. They can't sit in a stack on your desk, for example, until you are good and ready to deal with them. They don't adhere to business hours of 8-5, and they surely don't care if you don't want to work the graveyard shift! A job taking care of animals is a 24/7, 365 day a year job...

...and remember Murphy's Law? Good old Murphy knew a thing or two... those cows will prolapse, or a foal will be breech and require your expertise just as you sit down to a)read the paper, b)enjoy dinner with your family, c)watch American Idol, or d)when its dark and freezing cold in the rain and you must treat them in the pasture to save time (and save a life);

2. When you are not on the ranch, you will live in your automobile:

Living in an itty-bitty town that has zero to offer by way of creature comforts and convenience, you will spend a good part of your life driving. Driving to or from your Life Off the Ranch. It's because you spend so much time in your vehicle, that you have your iPod synced up to your radio, you might listen to books on CD, and you have learned to drive while multi-tasking the phone, your appointment book, food, and yes- the car too... You will not know any of the farm roads you pass by their actual number but by the landmarks along the way. Your keen sense of observation (all rancher's have this) will note the daily changes to the landscape as you fly by on your daily trips to civilization. This is just the way it is...

3. When you go to the City, you will need a period of adjustment (if only for a second or two):

When you live out on the ranch and the loudest sound is the occasional "MOO" or your son playing his electric guitar, going to the City (despite calling yourself a City Girl) will be a shock to your senses. Call it sensory overload, but when I went into downtown Houston yesterday, I was momentarily stunned by the sirens wailing, the honking of traffic, and the pulse and pace of the City. I can't believe it but I was secretly yearning for my Wide Open Spaces (yes, thats a nod to my beloved Dixie Chicks)...

4. You will see things you have never seen before:

Of course there are the obvious ranch things that most city people don't see on a day to day basis: stuff like cow patties and horse manure, round bales and feed troughs... but there's other stuff too... details you miss in the city. Did you know that nighttime on the ranch is the most amazing time of the day? When you walk outside and stare at the sky, there are MILLIONS of little lights up there that I never knew existed!?!?!? Of course I had seen stars before I moved here, but never so many of them. See, the city lights always kept them hidden. Here there are no lights whatsoever and the nighttime sky really looks like diamonds... and they shine so brightly that darkness in the country isn't really darkness at all. Just darker, not black. Once your eyes adjust you can see a whole lot! Its amazingly beautiful.

You will also see Mother Nature at her very best. You will see the miracle of life and death, you will become so attuned to your animals and their 6th sense that you won't need to watch the weather or check the clock, you will just watch your land and your animals for clues. The leaves will turn upside down to signal rain, the cattle will get still and lay down to welcome a shower... a spring thunderstorm can almost guarantee the early morning birth of welcomed foals... you'll watch the moon to remind you of your mare's cycles... just amazing...

5. You will feel closer to God

When you witness firsthand the synchronized cycles of all things working in perfect harmony out in the country, you become aware that this is something truly miraculous. Since moving to the ranch, I have been amazed and enlightened by the beauty and miracles that surround me. I feel closer to God here, I cannot explain it any other way. I'm not saying that there isn't good found while living in the city, just that there are more distractions everywhere to keep one from seeing the beauty of our simple lives. I absolutely love the city, but the country grounds me, gives me a peace that is unexplainable, and replenishes my soul.
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