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5 Rules to follow for an Energy Balanced Diet

Posted Oct 31 2009 7:50am

Every week a number of people email me " Which foods can I eat to have more energy?" and so on. My reply is always, " Eat that which is traditional to your ethnicity, or the food you ate in your childhood. This is because eating food that is familiar to us, is not only easily digestible, its nutrition easily absorbed by our body, but also makes our body feel secure - which is very important if our bodies have to manage energy properly. Our bodies go into stress-mode when our diet isn't suiting it, and this means all manner of stress related illnesses. When it feels secure, and is in contact with familiar basic foods like fresh bread and milk, it begins to get back to normal energy patterns."

There is also the matter of basic emotional reaction. When we have favorable emotional reactions to food - we like what we see, or like the color of the food, our energy fields relax and all our digestive organs get ready to absorb the nutrition from that food - the first indication of which is mouth-watering. When we do not react favorably to the food, our digestive organs clench in and our body gets ready to reject or block the passage of this particular food. No matter how nutritious it is, the body is going to resist it.

This is why the first thing to do in cases of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and any eating disorder or comfort/ over eating situation is to understand your emotional reaction to the food. If you like it, if your mouth waters in agreement, eat it. If not, improvise or choose something else to eat. If we follow our emotions as a guide, we will not only enjoy the act of eating, but also absorb nutrition from whatever little we are eating for it.

5 Rules to follow for an Energy Balanced diet are;

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