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5 Reasons to Use Public Speaking as a Business Growth Tool

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:29pm

Public speaking fear appears to be a hot topic this week. Giovanna Garcia at Imperfect Action shares her insights on fear and uses public speaking as the example. Tim Brownson at A Daring Adventure offers tips on how to manage the fear of public speaking. Earlier this week I posted a podcast interview where I offered my thoughts and tips on managing the fear of public speaking.

All this talk about managing the fear makes me wonder why it’s so important. How about you?

As a professional or business owner public speaking can be a powerful business or career growth tool. I learned early on in my business that developing my skills as a public speaker could set me apart from the rest of the pack. In any profession that is saturated with practitioners, public speaking offers a variety of opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Below are 5 reasons to use public speaking as a business growth tool.

Low Cost Marketing – I once heard a successful businessman say, “Don’t pay to market yourself; get paid to market.” Marketing can be expensive if you use channels such as paid advertising, in person networking events, web sites, and brochures. Even when you have all the business you can handle, marketing is necessary to build a pipeline. Offering workshops, teleclasses and seminars is a cost effective way to market your services and build trusted relationships.

Networking – Whether you speak to a group or one-on-one, your public speaking and communication skills are in full force when you network. Speaking clearly, confidently and articulately will ensure that you are remembered beyond that one event.

Additional Revenue – Add public speaking to your resume and you may add an additional revenue stream. Whether you offer public workshops for a fee or are paid by an organization, you are at the same time marketing and establishing yourself as an expert. Public speaking is truly a multi-purpose business growth tool.

Keeps you up to date
– There is no shortage of information available through the media and on the internet. As a result, your customers are probably more informed than you think. As an industry expert and public speaker you need to motivate and inspire your clients with up to date and relevant information. Stay abreast of current trends, issues and the needs of your clients and you will be on your way to becoming a thought leader in your field.

Customer relationships – Public speaking is more than addressing a crowd. Every day you speak with customers or potential customers one-on-one. Developing your public speaking skills will help you communicate more effectively with your own clients, possibly resulting in increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Stop hiding in your office while your competitors are taking advantage of public speaking opportunities. Turn that public speaking fear into confidence and make the most out of your career or business.

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