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5 Ancient methods for Holistic Tissue Regeneration

Posted Nov 06 2009 11:56pm

If there's one thing about living a hard life and aging that we humans would like to undo - its the effect on our tissues; The marks on our skin, sagging weak skin, brittle breaking dull hair, over-worked nerves, straining heart muscle, worn out enamel, the scar tissue on our internal organs, muscles and bones - making our bodies sag, inflexible, strained in pain even. If we have to live again physically as we can and do live again emotionally and spiritually, our tissues need to regenerate and re-organize themselves.

Tissue Regeneration is the difference between a broken hand held up its cast and the healed hand on its own without a cast.

The good news is that tissue regeneration is a natural process that every living being has the potential of.
The bad news is that most of us are energy depleted - we're having such a tough time even staying healthy, to manage our daily lives that our body can't spare a moment of time or energy on regenerating tissues.

As an holistic health practitioner I find my job doesn't end with someone's pain going away. To truly heal, we need to replace what we lost in our body and regenerate it naturally - not make do with temporary fixes - like scar tissue is. The scar tissue - emotionally and physically is temporary and if it doesn't go in time it will cause more trouble than help.

For true tissue regeneration, we need to regenerate new cells and regenerate them fast enough to pack in close together tight. We then need to maintain this level of cell activity.

Here are 5 Ancient methods for Holistic Tissue Regeneration; They are not quick fix methods, but they are time- tested and truly effective. You'll have to try them to see why.

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