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2010 New Balanced Body Mat & Toys Workshops and PMA Accredited Workshops

Posted Dec 26 2009 5:54am

New Balanced Body Mat  & Toys and PMA Accredited Workshops Lesley teaching in Japanare happeninging this year.  Inspire your Pilates practice with new ideas and connections.

BBU PILATES ARC ON THE ROAD – April 23, 2010 2-8 PM

$299 (education and equipment purchase) Workshop includes 6 hour workshop, DVD workout, instructor manual and a Pilates Arc.
To register: 877-PILATES (745-2837).

Create exciting new Pilates workouts with the Pilates Arc. It’s a lightweight Pilates Step Barrel and a whole lot more!

Balanced Body’s Mat & Toys in May

Dates: Sun   5/2/2010
Time:  9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Balanced Body’s Pilates Mat & Toys with Lesley Powell $249 per day (6 hours of training).
Workshops include props and manuals.
Please join us for our third ‘On the Road’ program

To register: 877-PILATES (745-2837).
Learn how to use a variety of small props in your Pilates Mat classes with this two part workshop including the resistance bands, and small balls. New moves, new choreography and a lot of fun will be had as you learn how to play with your new toys! Choreography, prop safety and creativity will be covered.

BBU – Resist and Reform with Elastic Bands This workshop includes a heavy and extra heavy Thera-bands and a set of Thera-Band Exercise handles ($22 value) and a BBU Mat & Tubes Manual ($25 value) mat

BBU – Small Ball Magic
Make boredom disappear and health and vitality return using 2″, 5″ and 13″ balls for classes that stimulate, educate, strengthen and release. Whether you want to loosen a tight spot, strengthen a weak one or add energy to the whole body, small balls can speed you on your way.  This workshop includes a Togu ball, “Pinky” ball and a Red Playground ball, 5″ ($35 value) and a BBU Mat & Small Balls Manual ($25 value)

PMA Accredited Workshops


with Lesley Powell
Dates: Sun   5/23/2010 Time:  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM $200
PMA Accredited

Pilates Upright is a dynamic workout that incorporates the training of Pilates mat with weight bearing exercises in standing. Pilates Upright gives you a new underSTANDing of the coordination of your muscles & bones in standing, which is very different from exercising on the floor

Functional fitness

  • Organization/coordination of bones and muscles different in weight bearing. This is closed chain.
  • Challenging balance
  • Challenging Pilates concepts to Standing
  • Dynamic stabilization changing levels, i.e. Supine to sidelying
  • New stabilization principles
  • “Embodied anatomy improves function” Eric Franklin

For more indepth study see our BodyMind Fitness Schedule.  Experience all the lower connections to enhance your teaching.

Scapular Revolution with Lesley Powell

Time:  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Sunday August 1 9:00 AM- 4 PM $200

The arms connect to the torso through the shoulder girdle, shoulder blades, clavicles and humerus bones. Each bone moves in different degrees of rotation and timing. The timing and the control of these motions are essential to a healthy shoulder. This “scapular-humeral rhythm” is like a symphony—each bone is an instrument playing a different variation of a melody.

When the shoulder girdle moves correctly, great function is invited.  Each bone of the shoulder girdle; the clavicles, the scapulae and the humerus bone, have a unique rhythm of movement to facilitate the arm moving in space.

A great scapular-humeral rhythm will invite the correct phrasing of the arm and core muscles. When you get a client to better use her shoulder girdle, her arm strength, posture and connection to the core will improve. Learn how this rhythm works and how to help your clients improve theirs.

For more indepth study see our BodyMind Fitness Schedule.  Experience all the upper connections to enhance your teaching.

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