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20 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Body:

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:34pm

By Carole Fogarty

Detox and Destress: A regular feature:

How much do you really, really, really love your body?

How you talk to it, cloth it, feed it, nourish it, listen to it, move it and treat it all reflects exactly how much you actually love or only half love your body.

“Your body is the harp of your soul” Kahil Gibran


Notice how often you ignore your bodily needs. Observe when put your body last. Hear the complaints of your body at night while lying in bed after you’ve pushed yourself through an exhausting day.

Start making changes right now by noticing what your body needs in this very moment. You can not ignore its practical yet earthly requests anymore. After all it is the only vessel which supports you day in day out on this journey we call life.

Following are what I believe to be some of the simplest ways we can all send more lovin’ vibes to our bodies on a daily basis.

Your body is jumping for joy already as you read this article. I can tell. Its excited because it knows its about to get some extra loving attention.


1. Start the morning gently:

The human body was not designed to go from a deep blissful sleep state to screaming alarm clocks and jumping out of bed. By gently transitioning into the busyness of your day you are honoring the natural rhythms of your body. You may wish to read one of my most popular articles which explains this a little more Adjust for Yin Yang Time Clock and bring a Delightful Flow back to your Day:

2. Breathe with purpose:

Breathe to oxygenate your body. Breathe in and out through your nose calmly and deeply to re-balance the energy in your body. Exhale deeply squeezing as much stale air from the bottom of your lungs as possible.

Focused breathe reminds your mind that you actually have a body. Yeah!

Each breathe that you exhale sends a vibrational message to the universe so be mindful of your thoughts when you exhale. Exhale with purpose imagining then feeling all the tension and stress dissolve from your body. Breathe to calm, unwind and relax your body. If you do nothing else on this list at least be mindful of your breathe.

3. Give your body a louder voice:

Close your eyes, withdraw yours senses and put your hands gently cupped over each ear. Do it now. Listen to the voice of your body. Notice if there are any aches and pains. What is the one thing that your body needs right now? The more often you turn up the dial on your bodies voice and respond to its earthly requests the happier, healthier and more energy your body will have. Now that’s got to be good.

4. Use a body brush and let your skin breathe:

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Your body naturally detoxes through the skin. Make sure the toxins are being efficiently removed by body brushing your skin each day. Stimulate blood flow, remove dead skins and let your skin breathe happily.

Read my article Five Simple and Cheap Ways to Detox your Body Naturally for more cool ideas.

5. Smile into your body and organs:

Even if you have trouble loving your body in the mirror at least send some healthy vibes to your internal body. Spend at least five minutes in bed before you go to sleep; smiling on your face and then sending that smile deep into your kidneys when you feel your kidney has received the smile move to your liver, heart, lungs etc. This smiling mediation spreads a nourishing and uplifting energy to your inner core. It keeps your body healthy. Great to do if you are feeling rushed, stressed and frantic.

6. Surround yourself with sounds and music that your body loves:

The constant bombardment of harsh, annoying sounds can send a continuous stream of stress to your body. Worse still you may have become so accustomed to many of the back ground noise pollution that you have disconnected with the disharmony and stress they have on your body.

Bring balance back into your body by playing music or listening to sounds that please your body. You will know instantly if it pleases your body as your shoulders will drop, your muscles relax and a pleasant calm flows over you. Better still eliminate as much annoying background artificial man made noise as possible.

7. Make a regular dates with your body:

Your body deserves special treats. Your body thrives on special attention. Stop living a restricted version of yourself with half the energy levels. Make regular pampering dates with your body and boost your energy reserves. It could be a bath, massage, weekend retreat, facial, pedicure, manicure, hair appointment, body scrub or even a guided mediation. One of my favorites for the past six years which I just keep coming back too is Doreen Virtues Chakra Balancing meditation. This specifically works on your energetic body which in turn reflects in your physical body.

8. Sip water every 15 minutes:

Your body is predominately water. Your muscles are 75% water, your blood is around 83% and your bones are around 22% water. Water is very clever as it hydrates your organs, improves concentration and detoxes your body. If you are like me and find drinking two litres of water a day somewhat boring then squeeze some lime or lemon juice into it to keep the taste senses of your body happy.

9. Move your body:

Your body is designed to move. Love your body more by moving it more. Standing washing dishes, sitting driving in a car, more sitting at your work desk, more sitting watching TV, more sitting talking on the phone all add up to allot of standing or sitting. Whilst this may sound boring stale stuck energy in your body is moved when you move. Try yoga, tai chi, Latin American dancing, pilates, bollywood dancing or walking. If you don’t think you have the time then buy a DVD so you don’t even have to leave home.

10. Let your feet touch the earth each day:

Quite simply if you are not grounded then you are living your life from your head. You lose a connection with your intuition, ignore your bodily needs, are unable to release stress and tension and block the flow of energy throughout your entire body. Its important to touch the grass, earth, ground, sand or soil each day with your feet. Walking each day with bare feet grounds you energetically. Your thoughts, emotions and action are far more even as you are balanced and grounded.

You notice an energetic flow to your life.

11. Avoid anger foods:

Deep fried, highly processed foods burdened your liver. In Chinese Medicine the liver relates to the emotion of anger. Keep your body and emotions happy by eliminating deep fried food and fatty take away foods from your diet.

12. Spend five minutes longer in the bathroom each morning:

Instead of rushing through your morning routine spend more time with your body. Pay attention to those areas you may skip over. Often your time spent in the bathroom is the only intimate time you have between you and your body for the entire day so make the most of it. Touch is a sense that fuels your body make sure your whole body gets equal attention.

13. Go Greener: Eliminate hidden toxicity from your living environment:

Toxins can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through your skin which further burden your organs. Swap one unhealthy habit each week for a greener one. I found the easiest way to do this was by focusing on one room at a time. You can read my article Detox your Kitchen Bench: Six Simple Things you can do Now:

You might want to start with your bathroom first switching to a healthier toothpaste, throwing out artificial air fresheners and buying more natural cleaning products. For an interesting and informative article read What is fragrance.

14. Wear natural fibres:

Wear cotton or natural fibres as much as possible. The fibres covering your skin must still allow it to breathe. Many clothing items contain toxins fibres which you can then absorb through your skin.

If you wish to become more informed then the Environmental Working Group is a non profit organization which offers non biased information about hidden chemicals and toxicity in our homes, food and water supplies and environment.

15. Give your body stillness:

Stillness is a lost natural skill. Restlessness is a modern disease.

Stillness is equally as important as movement. A balance of active and calm activities greatly supports the health and well being of your body. Don’t feel guilty about practising stillness while you meditate, watch your children play, cat run around the yard or as you absorb yourself in a peace of music.

Teach your children the importance of stillness. One of my favourite articles is The One and Only Zen Gift to give your Children:

16. Is your food fueling or fatiguing your body:

Observe how you feel after eating. Heavy and dull or nourished and alive. I know when I eat wheat I feel a heaviness and lethargy drain my entire body. If on the other hand I swap a wheat product for spelt or kumut then I have no such feeling.

I buy as much organic produce as I can afford. Sure it may cost more but the long term benefits are endless. There is less stress on my body having to process the sprays on fruit and veg from non organic food, their nutrient content in much higher and I can honestly say my body sings for joy when I eat organic food. It can literally tell the difference.

I started around 12 years ago introducing organic food into my home. I did this a few items at a time. This worked really well for me and I can highly recommend it.

17. Make your bedroom as yin and calm as possible:

Your bedroom is not a multi purpose room. It is there to rest, repair and rejuvenate your body. Remove all things in your room which may overstimulate your mind and body. Reduce the amount of electrical appliances to a bare minimum. Remove work papers, computers, exercise equipment and over stimulating images and pictures.

If you wake feeling tired and lethargic then eliminating all the busy energy from your bedroom is the best place to start.

Your bedroom is the temple for your soul so make it feel as yummy and nourishing as possible. If you don’t love your bedroom then how can you expect to have a good nights sleep. Love your bedroom and your bedroom will love you.

18. Talk kindly to your body:

We all talk to our body constantly throughout the day. The question is whether its kind or cruel. Be mindful of the way you chat to your body. Every time you say something negative quickly pull out a pair of imaginary scissors and picture in your minds eye cutting that thought away forever.

My body is a precious temple: Louise Hay

A great book to read by Louise Hay if your bodies health is in need of some extra attention: Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them

19. Design your own wellbeing vision board:

If you would like to see my personal wellbeing vision board then please read my following article: Design your own Health and Wellbeing Affirmation

This keeps your mind on track with where you are going.

20. Carry healthy snacks:

Avoid skipping meals or buying junk food on the go. Carry a little bag of almonds, cashews, dried figs or dates. They are very travel friendly. Not easily melted and can handle a little beating from inside your hand bag. This along with carrying my water bottle every where is high on my healthy habits list along with positive chatter to my body.

Thanks for reading my article, Carole.

For the ultimate way to say I love you to your body
join me in Bali for my annual Womens Rejuvenation Retreat.

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