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20 Inspiring Ways To Listen To Your Life:

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:01pm

By Carole Fogarty

Editor Rejuvenation Loungeand facilitator of Women’s Rejuvenation Retreats


Rejuvenate Your Soul:


I was lying in bed this morning when the thought, “you need to listen more” popped into my head.  For some reason this didn’t seem like an ordinary, everyday thought.  It had the feeling of being important, and quite special.  So, I allowed this thought to linger longer, giving it the opportunity to reveal itself.  The end result, after 5 minutes, was a list of not so obvious ways that I could be listening to my life.




Photo by Carolyn Coles:



I now plan to shift my listening focus to the more subtle sounds/messages that are happening in, and around me.   The majority of my listening attention will no longer be going to those sounds that yell, scream and demand my attention.

My first priority will be to truly listen to my children more closely, followed by listening to my body and my breath as much as I can.


Experience your life differently:

I do hope the list of suggestions below inspires you (even if its only for one day) to listen to things that you might not normally pay attention too.  Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.  Enjoy.



20 Inspiring Ways To Listen Differently To Your Life:


1: Listen to your life with your eyes closed


2: Listen to your words before you speak them


3: Listen to what you want - more of - in life


4: Listen to the sound of your breath, then relax it


5: Listen to your intuition. It’s always trying to grab your attention


6:   Listen to what your body needs, right now. Put your thumbs in your ears, cover your eyes with your fingers and then listen


7: Listen thankfully to the sounds of nature


8: Listen for the wisdom in your problems


9: Listen more, talk less


10: Listen to your thoughts in slow motion. Are they bringing you closer to your dreams or taking you further away?


11:   Listen to your life without the sound of technology and machines (no phone, TV, ipod etc)


12: Listen to silence


13:   Listen to your favourite music


14: Listen, really listen to your children, family and friends


15: Listen to how many sounds are actually happening around you right now


16: Listen to the calming sounds of the ocean by cupping your hands over your ears and turning your awareness inwards


17:   Listen to the sound of your favourite food cooking


18:   Listen to your heart - What is it saying?


19: Listen to the sound of your feet when walking


20:   Listen to the appreciation of your body after eating something healthy




Thanks so much for reading my article, Carole. Return anytime to the Rejuvenation Lounge or connect with me on facebook or twitter


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