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2 Health Destroyers You Must Avoid This Summer

Posted Jul 09 2012 10:57am

With all of the exciting things that summer brings, it can be tough to imagine that there also are hazards lurking. Yet the sun and dehydration are two health destroyers that must be avoided.

(And we’re so “fired” about this, that we’re giving away a Spa Package to anyone with some hot health tips.  See below.)

How to avoid the hazards of the sun:

  • Wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 that protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going in the sun
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours
  • Wear protective hats (the bigger, the better!)
  • Use sunglasses to help shield the sun from your face

Your chance of getting melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) doubles if you get five or more sunburns in your lifetime. Lather up and protect yourself now!

How not to fall victim to dehydration:

  • Sweating without water intake causes dehydration
  • Drink extra fluids- especially if out in the sun all day- to avoid chemical imbalances in the brain that cause fatigue, nausea, impaired memory, altered mood, difficulty with focus and concentration, headaches, and anxiety
  • Avoid beer and alcohol when possible because these dehydrate you further
  • Alternate a glass of water with every other beverage
  • Nothing quenches your thirst better than water!

How to know if you’re dehydrated

  1. Your urine is anything darker than a pale straw color
  2. You’re out in the sun or exercising and you’ve stopped sweating
  3. After you straighten your fingers and give your middle knuckle a quick pinch, your skin stays put.
  4. EASIEST SIGN OF DEHYDRATION: you’re thirsty!

If you have any “hot” summer health tips, please let us know.  The first 4 responders will be entered to win our fabulous Spa Package .   Check it out!

By Lauren Searles

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