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Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
That is our current TBall score.
Thats right, we have won 2 games. Holy moly, mother of God, its a miracle!

First, its a miracle because we're talking about TBall. TBall in 2008 is not like it was in 1983 when I played. In 1983, I was 9 years old and obsessed with Detroit Tigers baseball (they won the World Series that year) and playing softball. But I was 9, and a klutz. My Dad coached our team with a great guy named Mark Huyser and they patiently taught all of us spaced out 9-10 year olds how to play -sort of.

Nowadays, TBall is for the 4-6 year olds. Heavens to Betsy, they are starting EVERYTHING earlier these days! I'm amazed that I'm watching my baby out there, hitting line drives and picking up ground balls... whats more, he's actually starting to get it... like, really get it, and is loving it.

Thats the first miracle.

The second reason that its a miracle that we've won 2 games and tied 1, is because we are the underdogs. Lets face it, we're the Cubs. Much like Chicago big dogs from which we stole our name (!), we're not destined to win much. We are all first year players. Apparently this was 'the plan'.

Seems as if the coaches of the TBall division are ruthless. The other coaches were all returning from last year and gobbled up all the good players before our first year coach even knew what hit him. So, from the word 'go', we weren't expected to do much...

But, like my Dad said the other night on the phone, if the Bad News Bears can do it, so can we... Amen to that!

You know, being the underdogs is kind of an advantage. The other teams show up to the fields, all preened and pressed, matching everything right down to the color of Gatorade their team is allowed to drink... then there's us. We're a hodge-podge of personalities, and no, nothing matches with our boys except they have on the same jersey. Thats where the similarities end. We are lucky if our shirts are on right-side-out, and most of the time they're halfway between tucked in/out. A good percentage of our boys wear their ball gloves on the wrong hands... and have no clue that there is a better way. The other team instantly catches on to our niavete... Therefore, the other team automatically feels superior.

I like to think this is part of our strategy.

Because once the game starts, we begin to get scrappy. Now, out of 12 kids, only 1 of ours can catch (!)(no, not my son), only 3 can routinely pick up grounders (again, not my son), and only 1 kid understands that there is more to the game than just throwing to 1st base... (of course thats not my son)... so, offense is alittle weak, but thats where the 5 run rule is our saving grace.

We can bat with the best of 'em, though... Consistently, throughout our entire lineup, we can hit the ball well. Our coach has placed the Big Dogs of our team strategically throughout the lineup to clean up the bases... and its working.

We're winning some! We're losing alittle, and we even tied the best team in the league... not bad for a bunch of 1st year players who think Babe Ruth is just a candy bar...

Now, the next miracle will be if I can get through the season without having to be put on heart medication. The anxiety!!
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