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10 Tips To Grab On The Run For Staying Hydrated:

Posted Jan 28 2009 3:41pm

By Carole Fogarty

Editor Rejuvenation Loungeand facilitator of Women’s Rejuvenation Retreats:


Monthly Feature:  Rejuvenation Tips To Grab On The Run:

Are you too busy to notice whether you are thirsty or not?  Or perhaps you drink lots of fluids throughout your day, but none of which, hydrate your mind and body.



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Your Brain Loses Water First:

One of the most important roles of water is to keep your brain hydrated.

Jennifer Jefferies in her book Seven Steps To Sanity, explains that the brain is the first place to lose water and become dehydrated. This in turn of course effects your ability to think straight.  Research has also shown that children learn and understand new information far more easily when their brains are hydrated.


This months tips on the run are all about the benefits, and different ways you can stay hydrated.  Just in case you are new here, my monthly tips on the run are notes which I have posted over at twitter.   They short, sweet and straight to the point. Enjoy, and learn to love your water.


10 Tips To Grab On The Run For Staying Hydrated:


1:  Eat your water: Fruit is 90% water.  Grapes and oranges can be as high as 98%  water content. My favourite fruit snacks at the moment are strawberries and grapes.


2:Natures Sports Drinks: Watermelon, cucumber, honeydew and cantaloupe are an excellent source of water, sugar and electrolytes.  Alternately here’s a  homemade organic sports drink recipe from Dr Nicole Sundene


3: Add a slice of lemon:   In case you get bored with the taste of water add a slice of lemon. Studies have shown that children drink 45% more water when flavoured.


4:Hot Water Or Ginger Tea:In Winter when its not so easy to drink water, enjoy sipping on plain hot water or spice it up with a slice of ginger.   Hot water removes toxins, has a hormone balancing effect and warms your digestive organs according to Ayurvedic Medicine.


5: Check in with your body:   If you are too busy living “in your head” you can easily forget about the basic needs of your body.  Stop, take a few deep breaths and ask your body if its thirty. 


6:Dehydration facts: A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy thinking. Lack of water is the number one number one reason for day time fatigue.   If you drink a lot of coke you may want to read  water versus coke.


7: Water know how:  Muscles are 75% water, blood around 83% water, and bones 22% water. Water is essential for carrying waste material out of the body. It’s involved in nearly every body process including digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion.  It’s vital in transporting nutrients throughout the body.


8: How much water:  Deepak Chopra’s formula for water intake is to divide your body weight in pounds, by 2, and that gives you the amount of fluid ounces you need to drink each day. This may vary of course during hot weather and for athletes.


9: Stay hydrated at night: Keep water beside your bed.


10: Carry a water bottle: One of the simplest ways to keep a fresh supply of water flowing throughout your muscles, blood, brain and bones is to carry a water bottle everywhere with you.


Thanks for reading my article. Carole.You are welcome to come back and visit my blog the Rejuvenation Lounge anytime or grab daily rejuvenation tips from me over at twitter.



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