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10 Great Rejuvenation Tips To Grab On The Run For May:

Posted May 22 2008 5:02pm

By Carole Fogarty

My favourite Twitter notes from May:

As usual, I am highlighting some of my favorite rejuvenation and wellbeing tips from my notes over at twitter for the month.

One tip that deserves a special mention is number seven. Playing the Blue Danube by Strauss has been proven scientifically to nourish your central nervous system. It supports the healing of your body in times of stress and exhaustion. Learn to love the Blue Danube and reduce the negative impact of stress on your body.

Essjay in NZ

Pick your favourites, rejuvenate and enjoy.

1: I love practicing the Bon Jovi Yoga Chant. Wow! Sanskrit chants are awesome but this one is so full of joy and fun

2: Have your feet touched the ground today? Many people feeling scattered have not touched any grass, earth or sand in days with their feet.

3. Healthy You: Laughter really is the best medicine. Visit the Mumbai yoga laughter club just for a minute.

4. Flick off other peoples stresses and frustration with smoky quartz. Pop a small piece in your bra or pocket. What a clever little rock!

5. Hand Yoga for Patience: Place the tip of the middle finger onto the tip of the thumb. It creates a flow of energy which promotes patience.

6. Eating water is better than drinking it. Water content of most fruit and vegetables is over 90%. Grapes and oranges can be as high as 98%

7. Stress Relief: It’s proven scientifically, playing the Blue Danube will nourish your central nervous system:

8. Conscious Breathing: On your inhale say - I am - on your exhale say - Free - Repeat this mantra “I am free” often, to the rhythm of your breath.

9. Instant Chilling Out: Inhale for 3-5 seconds then exhale for 3-5 seconds through your nose. Drop your shoulders then open your heart. Allow.

10. Enter your day consciously while still lying in bed and set the tone for your day. It’s easy. Wake Up Yoga In Bed

Thanks for reading this post, Carole.

Grab daily rejuvenation and wellbeing tips from me over at twitter.

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