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I am an Environmental Health Officer with a special interest in Vector Control. In fact, I function in the capacity of a Vector Control Programme Manager with the Government of the British Virgin Islands. Previously, I worked as an EHO in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Woodshed Environment... Full Bio
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Dengue is fast off the blocks in Barbados this year, 2012

The Barbados Ministry of Health has released its Dengue Fever scorecard for the first quarter of 2012 and the picture does not look rosy at...

CDC asks, What if a credible Dengue vaccine candidate emerges?

What if a credible Dengue vaccine candidate emerges in the not too distant future? After all, a number of research units are hard at work in...

FDA gives go ahead to market Dengue test

Normally, you go to the doctor’s office with complaints of a flu-like illness.  Is it Dengue?  Is it not?   The physician listens and...

Caribbean Dengue Alert Initiative takes hold in Westmoreland, Jamaica

If I had my way, I would recruit a cadre of Woodshed Warriors (call them what you will), from the school system and the community at large...

Dengue Rapid Test in 15 minutes

It is almost two years since the announcement was made, but it is still worthy of note that Inverness Medical Inc. has put an Early Rapid...

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