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The Best of 2014

As December rolls around, I always like to reflect and end the year with two articles – 1) the top articles from the past year, and 2) a...

A New Exercise for Strength and Stability of the Shoulder

There is not doubt that we need a strong and stable shoulder to maximize performance.  I recently started playing with a new device...

Live Q&A Webinar

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording in now available. Live Q&A This month’s live Inner Circle webinar was a live Q&A with...

Live Q&A, The Scapula, and Improving Posture

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Russ Paine and myself!   Inner Circle Updates My latest Inner Circle webinars...

Black Friday Deals – Up to 50% Off Everything Starts Today!

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are about to start!  As you start planning which stores you’ll be going to at midnight on...
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Nov 04 2009 by ksu5034
So much of the current research pertinent to the expansion of the field especially in regards to shoulder and knee examination, diagnosis, and treatment are found on this site, much of which is contributed by Mike himself. His site, in my own opinion, is an unbelievable avenue for all therapists to grow and be able to interact w/ one another in regards to endless topics. Best site by far out there for physical therapists or anyone involved in musculoskeletal related fields!


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