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A Description Of What It Can Be Like Having Irlen Syndrome by Roger Wheaton colored circles About Irlen Syndrome Irlen Center Boston Behaviors Observation... Read on »
For My Beautiful Migraine and Headache Family by Teri Robert Patient ExpertHealth Maven Problem Migraines and Headaches can really bring us down, not only physically, but emotionally as... Read on »
Migraine Medications, Insurance Coverage, and Profits by Teri Robert Patient ExpertHealth Maven The recent issue with Aetna's coverage (or non-coverage) of Botox for Chronic Migraine made me think... Read on »


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A migraine is a severe headache that often has a number of associated symptoms, such as nausea, increased sensitivity, and visual problems. Who is affected by migraines? Migraines are common;... » Read on
The main symptom of a migraine is an intense headache. This usually occurs at the front, or on one side, of the head. However, during a migraine attack, the area of pain can sometimes change position. The pain... » Read on
It is thought that migraines may be caused by changes in the chemicals of the brain. In particular, the level of the serotonin - the message-sending chemical - decreases during a migraine. Low levels of... » Read on
When to visit your doctor Migraines can often be treated at home using over-the-counter (OTC) medication and self-help techniques. However, you should see your doctor if you feel that painkillers, such as... » Read on
There is currently no cure for migraine. However, a number of treatment methods can be used to treat the symptoms of migraine. Treatments are mostly in the form of medicines. It may take time to work out which... » Read on

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