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used to be a chronic migraine sufferer Have you heard about shakeology? I USED to get 4-5 migraines a week; now I get ONE a month. It's ama ...
Nov 30 2011 4:48am
i ask because im getting one implanted and im curious if it shows because i love to... more
Sep 27 2012 10:57pm
what my neuorologist gives me Fioricet with codeine for my TMJ, Tension and migraine headaches, also clonopin for epilepsy becau ...
Jan 01 2010 2:46pm
I also just had a hysterectomy an have cronic pain, and tensionns, migraine, and TM... more
Jan 01 2010 3:09pm
Migraine Relief With Knowledge Is possible. I would firstly like to introduce myself, my name is Singh and I have been sufferi ...
Aug 12 2009 9:21am