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X Marks the Spot(s)

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:25pm
Still spotty. But at least it's not The Black Spot. I'd hate to have Davy Jones and the Kraken come after me. ::Pausing for a moment to sigh over Captain Jack::

What? Oh yeah. Spots.

Headed back to the allergist today, got another steroid step-down pack (I was the #1 Google hit for that the other day!). Thank God it doesn't itch. My primary doc shuddered when I told her what it felt like (the whole rolling in a fireant bed thing). Though based on a little research I think last week's itching was actually Zyrtec withdrawal. I see the allergist next week, and if the rash isn't gone we'll go from there.

The appointment with my primary doc went well. She said she could tell I felt better because I just plain *looked* better. Considering she's seen me at least once a month since February, and every time I saw her I was pretty sick, she was relieved that aside from the hives, I'm crawling out of that pit. Not a good place to be. I finally feel more like myself again, ready to move ahead in improving my overall health.

My annual trip to the MRI is next week, destination: brain. I really don't expect anything abnormal to show up. My new Neuro just wanted to see if there were any changes from the 2 1/2 yr old MRI. I know the latest research talks about migraines and headaches causing lesions, but I can still do a sudoku puzzle, so I think I'm safe.
Funny from last week: My mom had the kids, and when they tried to call one day, they got the machine. She explained to SB that they would talk to us later.
SB: I bet they're CUDDLING.
Also from last week, NOT funny: After feeding my fish, Gandalf kept "yawning" and sinking to the bottom.

OMG he swallowed a rock. Can you do the Heimlich on a goldfish?

GM and I watching him swim around, trying to see if we could see the piece of gravel in his mouth. I was about to Google it when PATOOEY! he spit it out. I let out a ragged sigh of relief, got my nose up against the glass and read him the riot act like any good fishy parent would.

"DO NOT swallow rocks, Gandalf! Do you hear me? Are you listening? DUMBASS GOLDFISH! DUMB!!! ASS!!!!"

GM tried not to fall on his ass laughing at me. Hmph.

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