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With regard to Asperger's Syndrome

Posted Dec 10 2008 12:34am

I would refer you to the July, 1999, article on color in The National Geographic in which there is a depiction of what it was like for a girl named Alex in Boston, Mass., when she would drive her car. The illustration shows the distorted image she perceived until she received Irlen tinted lenses after being diagnosed by Ann Bonvallet who is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The image shows that as she looked through her new lenses the image was no longer distorted. What it may infer is that she saw the blue color of her tint. She did not. When the color is chosen properly the color is not perceived by the wearer. Additionally, on a phone call to Ann she was excited to report that when a car door is opened it comes out into the street. Ann said “Yes, Alex, it does.” She now knew about depth perception for the first time.

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