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What treatments are available for a chronic daily occurring extreme pressure in the middle of the forehead?

Posted by Headcase

For years, I have been experiencing an extreme pressure in the middle of my forhead.  At first, it makes it difficult for me to raise my eyebrows and then it becomes a pressure I feel around the top of my head with some tension in my neck. But mostly it's the pressure and tension in the middle of my forhead (maybe more on the left side of the middle) that makes it so hard to function.  This happens everyday and lately it's just been getting worse and actually making me feel nauseous.  In order to relieve the pressure a little bit, I push up on the inner underside of my eyebrows and that helps even though the area is tender and I experience pain, it at least relieves the pressure.  I've asked several doctors but the response has always been "stress" and I believe there has to be more to it.  I get this even when I am relaxing or on vacation.
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