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what is the most probabal cause of dizziness and double vision in the mornings. Stematil tablets are no longer working.

Posted by devampa

It atarts as soon as I wake up.  When I sit on the side of the bed to get dressed, the whole room starts spinning, also, I am getting double vision, I cannot get my eyes to focus.  I am 60 years old.

Thank you.


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It could be a many number of things. Have you been diagnosed with Migraine? If so, any change in our Migraine pattern needs to be reported to our doctor. It could be side effects from medication, a new symptom, blood many different things. You really should have this checked out ASAP.
Simon, because the dizziness starts when you get up, I think it might be benign positional vertigo, but a doctor will have to diagnose it. It also could be low blood pressure. Let your doctor know.


After reading your post/reply regarding dizziness....I decided to check my blood pressure.

I have been on meds for high blood pressure for a couple of years now...

the past few weeks I too have been very dizzy especially on rising in the morning....

However after just checking it it was quite low..!!...checked it a few more times..the same...decided not to take BP pills and see how I go trhu the day.....Had breakfast and potterred around the garden and dizziness started to hope this means my BP has balanced out after years of lots of much calmer nowdays...Thanks for your posts...x

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