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What could be the causeing parts of my body to go numb for hours on end?

Posted by wildcat7

I have been having theses freak numbing sensations throughout my body. It will start in one area and spread to the rest. I could be walking or siting and reading a  book, its random. It takes hours for the senstation to go away. Lately its been in my throat and head. (This sometimes happens when i have a headache or migraine.)

When the numbness reaches my chest it causes sharp pains making it hard to breath at times, this sometimes happens in other parts of my body as well. (mostly around joints.)

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Wow! There certainly something going on that needs a doctor's attention. I am particularly concerned with the numbness in your chest and throat. I encourage you to see a doctor ASAP.
I am 23 and from Ontario and my doctor isnt too concerned! I get numbness in my lip or behind my eye or my tongue as well as the tip of my nose. And for the past few days my right big toe has been numb, I don't not loose color In any of the numb locations. Im not sure where else I can go for help, when I go to the hospital I sit for seven hours then when I finally see a doctor i am in and out with in 1 min. I also get spots in my eyes where it comes to the point I cant see. Im scared and I know something is wrong but I cannot get the help I need. Any advice out there? 
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