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We interrupt this month....

Posted Apr 08 2012 2:14pm
I will resume posting for Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 2012 this week. While I feel disappointed that I'm not posting every day, I do intend to keep going, even if it means missing more than my alloted "two days".

As much as I believe in this project-and as much as I'm enjoying it--ultimately my health comes first. And I have been TIRED.

You'll notice that I've given GMS2SA a fresh new makeover--complete with FOLLOW BY EMAIL. This is, hands down, my favorite feature EVAH for blog reading. Everything comes to my email box and I never miss a post from my favorite blogs. I just wish everyone did it ;)

I still have to work on putting back things in my sidebar (upgrading eats it, darnit).

And a quick momma brag--Judoman (aka Goalieman aka hubby) and JudoQueen are leaving tomorrow evening for her VERY FIRST college tour--Brown University! Ivy League baby!!

It's her dream school, where she intends on studying neuroscience. She racked up a 32/36 on the ACT (35/36 on the Science) and 2150/2400 on the SAT (770/800 on Writing). Yes, the college mail arriving has increased significantly. AND she got an invite to attend a one night seminar for Brown University in May (along with Yale and MIT).

Yes I'm one proud mama :)
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