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Vertigo as a menopausal migraine

Posted Sep 03 2010 9:50pm

Vertigo and dizziness are common in migraine sufferers.  It is much less common for vertigo to be the only symptom of migraines.  This seems to be the case with vertigo that begin at menopause, according to a recent report presented at the last meeting of American Academy of Neurology.  The report describes symptoms in 12 women, so its conclusions cannot be accepted as definitive.  All of the women had history of menstrual migraines and all had a normal ear-nose-throat examination and a normal MRI scans.  They all suffered from vertigo for at least a year.  Treatment with standard migraine medications and hormonal therapy reduced attacks of vertigo by 50% and was more effective than non-hormonal treatment alone.  It is not surprising that the hormonal therapy helped because some women with menstrual attacks also improve with hormonal therapy, such as continuous contraception.  This report should raise awareness of the fact that menopausal women with vertigo may be suffering from migraines and may respond to hormonal and migraine therapies.

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