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tired thirsty dizzy headaches weak

Posted by SAM Mc

(sorry for my spellings im not very good)

Im 24, F, (not pregrant- not trying!). For the past few mths iv been very tired, weak, dizzy, thirsty, and get alot of headaches, also get alot of head rush even when im siting and not moveing. I drink alot of water, and eat when hungery, im not on any diets, and im a smoker and iv no problem with going to the toilet. anyone got any idea what might be up, as i dont wanna have to go to my doc again cause 6mths ago he couldnt find anything wrong! he didnt try much just blood presure, and urine test.


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are you sleeping well? Getting 8 hours a day is one thing, but if you're sleeping at 4am and waking up half way through the day than it's not much help.

Also, I had this for a period of time as well, (headrush when standing up, dizzyness, fatigue) went away when the holidays ended. Are you getting enough vitamins? In the holidays, I kept eating the same foods, not eating a variety, I also stuck to simple, convenient foods like take away, or junk food. So make sure you're eating a range. If in doubt, eat a sandwich.

One more thing, exercise, exercise, exercise! It's always beneficial, and it gets rid of the fatigue, so don't go running a 50k marathon tomorrow, but just try to incorporate some of it. For instance, walk to the train station, walk to the news agency, walk your friend's dog, etc.

Good luck!  


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