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The year that flew by....

Posted Dec 30 2009 9:33pm
I can't believe it's already New Year's Eve (well, wee early hours of). This year, as years seem to do, flew by, but I think this one was a bit faster. My mom says that as the kids get older, time flies scary fast and she's right.

There has been the typical good and bad that marks any year. After 2008, I didn't think I could handle another year like it. Mercifully, 2009 was slightly better. But I have so much hope for 2010, the happiness in my heart is sure of it.

This year....
JudoQueen started dating her first Boyfriend. They are happily still together, and will celebrate their first anniversary at the end of January. He's such an amazing young man, kind, polite, loving, intelligent, talented, and a true pleasure to be around. He makes my girl happy.

JediBoy got his first medal in Judo--a gold medal at that. He's one of the hardest working kids in Judo, and his effort is awesome. He loves it for the sport (not that he minds medals). Even getting bit in the face during a match didn't sway his determination for the game.

JudoQueen graduated as Salutatorian of her school and was accepted to an International Baccalaureate high school, one of the best in the nation (they are ranked in the world for some classes). So far, she has straight A's--8 1/2 years in a row. I am so delighted how happy she is now. Things started out rough, but after the first 9 weeks, she was back to her confident self. Her advances in art are amazing. She used to be ok, but is now doing sketches of her baby cousin that are really lovely. And her cooking and baking--just awesome! She's giddy about getting her guitar, hopefully today.

JediBoy started a new school--he is so happy there, and is being nurtured by wonderful teachers. He's also making straight A's for the first time, and is at the top of his class in reading and math. He's excited about showing off his new medic alert bracelet--it has pirate skulls LOL He's also going to start piano and violin lessons, thanks to mom and dad.

JudoQueen is kicking butt and taking names in Judo. She placed 3rd in the nation in the USA Judo Jr. National Olympics (this organization feeds into Team USA for the Olympics). She is working on Kata with her boyfriend (think synchronized Judo demonstrations) and they hope to compete this year. She was awarded Outstanding Judo Student, takes advantage of every clinic she can go to, and took on a black belt from Japan at our tournament--and came in 3rd. Her Sensei beams with pride when he talks about her, and will do everything in his power to get her to the Olympic trials--we are hoping for Rio 2016.

I started up my own Etsy store and have awesome things planned for next year. I've made some incredible friends on Twitter, reconnected with old friends on Facebook, and discovered the addiction that is GoodReads. I'm doing book reviews for them and another company, movie reviews for our local paper in January, and beginning product reviews for a Gluten-free company. I may not be getting paid--yet--but free books, movies and food? Works for me!

My dear Grandma, while still not feeling well, has kicked Cancer's butt. GO GO GRANDMA!!! I love you more than my heart can say. You mean the world to me and I'm blessed that God gave you to me :)

My beloved first nephew, PoohBear was born in September and he is one of the lights in my life! I didn't know something was missing in my heart until I held him. I love spoiling him and making things for him--I made his first Christmas stocking, and well, got a bit carried away--he could almost fit in it LOL Santa's going to have a time filling it!! He now knows me enough that he breaks into a big toothless grin (complete with drool and bubbles) when he sees me and giggles. Is there any more magical sound (other than I love you) than a baby's laugh? My sister is such an amazing mother, their love is a beauty to behold.

JudoMan continues teaching violin and assisting with the younger students at Judo. He now has his green belt and might compete next year. I knew he'd love teaching violin, but we never would have guessed how incredible he'd be teaching judo. He is a rocking husband--he is buying me my own laptop--my xmas gift :)

In matters of spirituality we are going to try a new church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation near us. It sounds exactly what I've been searching for, a place where people accept who you are, not how much money you have, or hypocrites that preach one way and act another. It doesn't mean I'm not a Christian, but I detest those who have sullied the name. And worshiping with those of other faiths will be an amazing thing for the kids.

As for my health--the reason I started this blog over 5 years ago.....there have been ups and downs. I am so blessed to have Dr. Awesome as my main doc, as well as my eye doctor who has taken care of my iritis flares this year. My neurologist may have found the magic bullet for my migraines--depakote ER. The side effects are not for the weak, but I'm down to having maybe 4 migraines a month--a far cry from 12 or more. And though I have to use dilaudid as a rescue med, it beats having to go to the ER like I did this summer.

We discovered I have GERD, esophagitis and a hernia--there is a slight possibility I might need surgery for the latter next year, but so far so good. The good news is that my heart is very healthy (after esophagitis--which can mimic a heart attack--prompted an ambulance ride to the ER) and my bloodwork is good.

2010 means the continuation of testing for Multiple Sclerosis. The new neurologist so far is optimistic--the brain MRI was clean, according to the report. He does want to take a look at the actual MRI and get a cervical spine MRI, and have me take a test called "evoked potential", plus more blood work. If all of those are good, he will not subject me to a lumbar puncture (woohoo). He said many of the symptoms I'm having could be my fibromyalgia--the numbness in my arms and legs, uncoordination, balance issues, etc.

The cold weather has brought back my chronic daily headaches--it got to the point where I realized I wasn't having them anymore, or very infrequently. But now that parts of my body sound like rice krispies in this cold, the headaches are back with a vengeance. Only now I don't have my NSAIDs due to the GERD etc. Compared to everything else though, right now they aren't such a big deal. Perspective I guess.

My fibro pain is the big issue for 2010. My doctor and I are not giving up. The new neuro may be able to help, and if not, we'll keep looking. The pain is better than it has been (at least before the cold weather changes started to hit) but not diminished enough to get me the point where I want to be.

I have my own set of wishes and goals for the new year, and of course I'll post a huge reading list (you'll have a sense of deja vu--many of the books come from this year's lol). Maybe I just forget how I feel at the end of every year, but I'm happy. Genuinely happy--more than I've been in a long while. There are new people in my life who add to that joy, new ventures to look forward to. I'm so very grateful.

Happy New Year, Blessings to you and yours.
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