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The Symptoms of a Concussion

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:50pm

A concussion is an acute brain injury that immediately affects how your brain functions. In most cases, the effects of a concussion are only temporary but they can be serious and complications may develop. When a second concussion occurs before the injuries to the brain have fully healed, the concussion symptoms may be more severe and take longer to resolve. Our experts at the Neuro & Spine Wellness Center explain the most common symptoms of a concussive brain injury.

People who have suffered a concussion usually experience an intense headache that may last for several days. The head may feel tender to the touch at the place where the head was hit. A feeling of pressure in the head may also develop.

Loss of Memory
After a concussion, the individual may not remember the circumstances that caused the injury. The person may be genuinely confused about what happened. The person may lose other memories of what happened preceding the concussion and the memory loss may last for several days.

Immediately upon the impact of a hit to the head, a person may lose consciousness. The loss of consciousness is short term and usually lasts for just a few minutes.

Extreme fatigue, weakness or tiredness are signs of a concussion and may last for a few days after the event.

Vision Changes
Sensitivity to light or seeing stars may develop shortly after an impact to the head.

Hearing Changes
Ringing in the ears and a sensitivity to loud noises are indications of a concussive injury.

Mental Changes
Difficulty with falling or staying asleep, depression, irritability, changes in personality and trouble with concentration are mental changes symptomatic of a concussion.

Author Byline: Advice Interactive is a blogger for E-Care Centers. We provide care for paitents of all ages, and we are ready to promptly treat all your medical needs.

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