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The Highs and Lows of the Holidays

Posted Dec 27 2009 3:41am
The days leading up to Christmas did not bode well for this year.

JudoBoy came down with a cold (pleasepleaseplease no asthma).

The kids' Sensei for judo had a stroke--JudoQueen is devastated, as was I. He is family to us. Fortunately it sounds like with physical therapy he will be good as new. He requested no visitors, but we long to give him great big hugs and kisses. He is like a dad to me--at the end of the judo party, not 2 weeks ago, he hugged me, gave me a kiss and said "I love you". He loves the kids like they are his own, and takes every opportunity to brag about JudoQueen, who won "Outstanding Judo Student of the Year". So prayers/thoughts for him are greatly appreciated.

The wonky weather was wreaking havoc on my pain and exhaustion levels. The depakote IS working--at a cost. My hair is no longer falling out by the handfull, but my hands shake, and it's hard to sleep. And whatever is causing it, my left arm/hand has numbness/tingling that makes me a bit more clumsy on that side. The neuro said it's probably my fibro but I still have more tests to run for MS. BUT back to the depakote--my severe migraines are down to maybe 3 a month, and maybe only a total of 4 a month. HUGE improvement. HUGE. Not to mention they maybe last half a day instead of 3 days. HUGE.

We got the tree up 2 days before Xmas, and the last of the online-ordered gifts arrived in the nick of time on the 24th, whew! There was some nailbiting going on, but the delivery gods were with us. JQ baked all week with her brother and they had a blast! Most of the recipes, she converted so her brother could eat them.

Christmas Eve, we were supposed to go to church (at a new church) and then open house at JQ's boyfriend's house. Only I felt awful, stomachache, fever, chills. joy. And the window on the van was stuck in the down position and we were due for 2 days of rain. Joy joy.

Things started looking up when the kids' judo coach drove by (lives in the neighborhood) and said he had a neighbor who fixes cars. We might be able to get him to fix it at a fraction of the cost. Hooray!

But, no church. The family went to the party. I was ZONKED OUT. Their return meant WRAPPING TIME! and oh how good it was to wrap :)

JediBoy got a huge Millenium Falcon (thankyou eBay)--I had wanted one growing up so badly. Santa brought him chocolate bars--he's never had a candy bar before (thank you Santa and!!!) He's at the top of his reading class so he got several chapter books, as well as books on how to draw Star Wars characters.

JudoQueen was tickled with all her GLEE and Green Day stuff--and her big gift, to be picked out this week--an acoustic guitar. She was THRILLED!!!

The kids both used their own money to buy gifts as well--I got earrings from JB and an awesome book from JQ (look for it on my 2010 reading list LOL).

Then Hubby--er, Santa, got me Lindt truffles, and 2 canisters of Repulic of Tea. Then I got a Christmas Wreath Yankee Candle (smells great, burning it right now), a book on House MD, an extreme Sudoku Book, the new Transiberian Orchestra CD, and........a certificate for.....
A NEW LAPTOP!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I've been borrowing his dad's to make it easier to work on. Hub said he would have bought it, but he wanted me to pick out the one I wanted, awww! So I'm as excited as JudoQueen :) I really couldn't believe it, he said he's been saving for awhile so I could get it, he knew how much it meant to me. I love my husband!

We had a good time at my parents'--I got major Auntie time with my Pooh Bear who is just getting cuter every day. I got him a stuffed I think--I picked a Baboon and it's so adorable, and he grinned when he saw it :) Melted my heart.

Family gave us money, they know we're saving up for a flat-screen TV for the bedroom, but with the window, we were a bit bummed. But....SANTA LIVES! Hub got his stock dividend check and it was WAY higher than he expected--like enough to pay for the car window AND then some.

Just makes you feel like God's been watching, knows we've been dealt a few rough blows lately, and gave us a loving boost. That, and Karma rocks ;)

Tomorrow we go to celebrate Xmas with my FIL and BIL! Not quite the 12 days Of Christmas, but almost ;)
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