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The Germs march out, the Germs march in.....

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:43pm
My appointment with the neuro was anti-climactic. Apparently the degeneration he saw on the MRI is "normal for someone of my age". OMH I have reached "that age". But he still refuses to acknowledge that my neck has anything to do with my headaches. I'm going to get some good info on occipital neurostimulators (oh you Google it for a change lol). As of May 1st, I've had only 4 days this year without headaches.

The germs hit the house with a vengeance, this time, my dear sweet Superboy. What started out as a bad cough became an asthma flareup (which we thought was due to the fieldtrip to the zoo, because it was windy and hey, lots of animal dander). By Thursday night he was running a fever, so he went to the doctor on Friday morning. My baby has pneumonia :*( Thankfully it is just part of one lung and he is in very good spirits. His temp hit 103 last night, but meds and showers are keeping him comfy. He's annoyed by the naps, but he really does need it, he just looks so worn out.

I made GM buy him a slurpee before coming home after the docs. And when I went to pick up the antibiotics, mommy guilt hit, so I bought him a giant bag of dum-dum lollypops (one of the few companies who has a dedicated plant with none of SB's food allergies) and an Ironman action figure, plus some frozen sorbet for his sore throat.

He was bummed because he's missing a friend's bday party and his dad's last concert of the season, but we're watching movies and relaxing together. He doesn't want to miss this week's Mother's Day lunch with me at school (or any more school for that matter, he's been out at least 10 days since January. TG it's only Kindergarten).

But some round-the-clock breathing treatments is starting to help, he's not coughing so much (though when he does, ouch it hurts to watch).

OH and I found something really neat for him....growing up, I loved Fluffernutter sandwiches--peanutbutter/marshmallow fluff sandwiches. Well the only marshmallow fluff we can find in stores has allergens. But yesterday, and DQ and I scoured the clearance shelves in Target (fun!) I found Smucker's Marshmallow topping for ice cream. No allergens!! So he had his first Fluffernutter sandwich (although with Sunbutter) today and adored it :D

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